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The Jewelry Insider

July 6, 2008

Taking a cigarette break in a parking lot isn’t normally the most exciting (or even pleasant) of activities (believe me – I speak from experience) but occasionally there’s a gem to be discovered in them there parking lots. There certainly was in a parking lot in Virginia. When Keith Stetzer stepped outside of a quick puff, he certainly didn’t expect to find a 3.02 carat ring.

But, there, next to a concrete barrier was a diamond solitaire ring all alone. The construction worker pocketed the ring and…… well he took it straight to the jewelers whose name was stamped on the ring to try and find the ring’s rightful owner.

“Most of the items that get lost don’t reappear,” said Ronnie Mervis, owner of Mervis Diamond Importers in Tysons Corner who made the ring. “They get lost and they’re gone, even those with laser inscriptions.” This one had no such identification.

He said his company can measure the angles of a diamond’s cut to help identify it. But those measurements aren’t like a fingerprint, he said, and it would be hard to trace a ring to a specific customer.

“It would be easier if it goes the other way, if someone comes to claim it and says, ‘My name is Jones.’ Then we can search for it. Otherwise, it’s a needle in a haystack.”

Sometimes though the needles are found

Last month, a Michigan woman was reunited with a class ring she had dropped in Lake Michiganin 1954. A man in Bakersfield, Calif., got his class ring back after losing it 15 years before; the bank teller who found it recognized his name.