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The End Of An Era: Jewelry From Mad Men

The first episode of the second half of Mad Men Season 7 just premiered this past Sunday, so we thought it was the perfect time to pay our respects to the gorgeous jewelry worn throughout the show. It truly is the end of an era (we’re silently crying at our desks over here…). Take a look at our favorite leading ladies decked out in their jewels, and shop for some similar pieces at Jewelry.com.

Joan Harris – These gold stud earrings are exactly Joan’s style – classy yet chic and confident. Shop for your own pair here!


Betty Draper – Betty’s pretty blue drop earrings highlight her face perfectly, and we’re sure that was exactly what she had in mind. Shop for your own blue topaz earrings here.


Peggy Olson – Peggy adds a feminine touch with pearls to her all-business look, a helpful little tip from Joan, and we think it suits her well. Shop our Honora designer pearl collection here.


Megan Draper – Megan’s circle earrings fit her fun and whimsical personality just perfectly. Shop for your own pair of earrings here.


Happy shopping and happy watching!

Any show predictions after last night’s season premiere?

The Jewelry Insider

August 14, 2009

Woodstock may be turning 40, but the jewelry it inspired still lives on. Jewelry.com reports today that the Boho Chic stylings of Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson evolved from the muddy flats of that Woodstock farm ‘lo those many years ago – and they’ve got a bevy of hippie chick styles in their coffers to prove it.

But with buttoned-up Mad Men 60s fashion taking the media by storm these days, many of us forget that there was quite a different fashion revolution going on at the same time. Bell bottoms, roach clips, peasant-wear and beads, beads, beads were as prevalent as sweater sets, pearls, and tailored suits.

Which 60s-era style do you prefer? The pendants, pearl strands, and vintage brooches of the three-martini lunch era? Or the layered necklace, love bead, bangled look of Janis Joplin and her acolytes?

I’m torn. I’ve lived in Manhattan for years – so consider myself a New Yorker at heart, but I’ve also spent enough time in California to own a pair of Birkenstocks and go to more than a few Grateful Dead shows before Jerry Garcia became the inspiration for an ice cream flavor.

What’s your preference for the jewelry style of this era? Grace Kelly glam? Or Hippie Chick chic? Or are you content to leave the 60s well in the past where it belongs?

Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

July 28, 2008

Break out your pencil skirts and matching sweater sets, AMC’s acclaimed series Mad Men is back! Last night’s highly anticipated premiere brought us die-hard Don Draper junkies back to the era of three-martini lunches, well-dressed ad men and the women who love (or are forced to tolerate) them. The surprise hit and critical darling earned 16 Emmy nods, and the show’s authentic early 60s fashions have inspired trendsetters and designers around the globe to find their inner Tippy Hedren.

This season begins on Valentine’s Day 1962. Jackie Kennedy is winning over America with her White House tour, and women are falling in love with her distinct brand of sophistication and grace. Rumor has it the show’s female characters will take center stage this season, which means more yummy period fashions for us to drool over.

Look out for more Grace Kelly-inspired evening wear, swing skirts and neck scarves. Button pearl earrings, signature pendants, costume jewelry and the classic office brooch will all be on display. And of course every Mad Men must-have is the ubiquitous pearl strand. Not to worry, though, ladies, the dashing Don Draper and his exploits are still the series’ main focus. And those suits! Growl.

So those of us who miss gathering every Sunday for Sex and the City fashion fixes can now look forward to planning viewing parties filled with fondue, cocktail dresses and clip ons. Move over Cosmos, there’s a new kid in town! She prefers her drinks shaken…not stirred.