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Diamonds Get Saucy at the Millionaire Fair

So you’re a Russian billionaire on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’ve already polished the Ferrari, fluffed up the fur coat collection, and toured the indoor football stadium. Sigh. Now what?

How about a trip to the local ‘flea market’ to pick up a trinket or two for the kitchen?

Enter: The Millionaire Fair – an annual celebration of conspicuous consumption that’s targeted right at the Russian billionaire demographic (all 62 of you!). And wouldn’t you know it? They’ve got that must-have kitchen item you can’t live without – a diamond-encrusted saucepan!

The saucepan has a handle and lid studded with a whopping 270 diamonds over 18-carat gold. Made by German cookware brand Fissler, the utensil is not really suitable for cooking (whatever that is).

“It is for serving food beautifully,” the Fissler brand manager, Natalya Oreshikina, explained to The Daily Telegraph.

And at a measly $210,000, the pan costs roughly the same as, oh, a Porsche Cayenne SUV. BUT! It’s a better value, Oreshkina pitched.

“A Porsche Cayenne turns into a pile of metal once it leaves the showroom. This is an investment.”

Throw in a set of steak knives, and I’m in!