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The Jewelry Insider

October 3, 2013

It’s true. According to the jewelry world gods, men’s jewelry is the latest trend… and we can all thank Justin Beiber for that… sort of.

With the rise in male celebs rocking bling at red carpet events and beyond, the demand for men’s fashion jewelry is growing faster than ever before, with some guys even wearing Man-gagement rings to match their better half. Aww.

In the past, designer watches have been just about the only accessory most men are willing to wear, and even the recent demand for that, some say, is just as popular as ladies’ handbags. According to a press release, “Both are considered status symbols and, believe me, most fashion conscious women would never tote a non-name brand purse when there is a Louis Vuitton available. Men feel the same about the latest and greatest in designer watches.” I can speak to the truth of this as my Burberry-watch-wearing-other (better) half has been asking for a Tag Heuer watch for years. Dream on.

But more recently, the trend in men’s jewelry has gone beyond timepieces. Cufflinks, tie bars and money clips are making a comeback thanks to a rise in designers and stylists using french cuffs on suits from the runway to the red carpet. And if your guys refuses to rock a little sparkle here and there, be a good daughter-in-law and go into his closet and throw out all his old, stained dress shirts and replace them with french cuffs. He’ll have no choice but to wear those cufflinks you bought him. You’re welcome.

And this trend isn’t just for the ‘suit and tie’ guy (cue Justin Timberlake). Even casual, everyday men’s jewelry is coming to the forefront of fashion – just in time for the holidays. Celebs like Johnny Depp, Justin Beiber, Jay-Z are all contributing the the recent surge in men’s jewelry trends, prompting guys to give accessorizing a second chance.

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