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Jet-Set Jewelry at the 2010 Venice Film Festival

The 2010 Venice Film Festival kicked off yesterday with a smattering of parties, premieres and pretty people. And while the well-known celebrities are always a big draw (Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba are already turning heads), my favorite film festival pastime is gawking at the jet-set jewelry on miscellaneous red carpet passersby.

Here are some of my favorites so far. But before we take that journey, pause if you will to witness Naomi Campbell’s emerald engagement ring from her Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin spotted at the “Miral” premiere today. Wowza!

Stay tuned for more Venice Film Festival fashion coverage – and New York Fashion Week is one week away! You gotta love this time of year….

Naomi Campbell’s Diamond Disaster

Saucy supermodel, Naomi Campbell, unwisely added an ‘icy’ altercation over a diamond to her long list of offenses this week. If you thought that sentence was bizarre wait ’til you hear the details. Apparently actress/activist Mia Farrow (of all people) told ABC news that Campbell bragged about receiving a blood diamond from one Charles Taylor, a former Liberian strongman on trial for war crimes. When an ABC television reporter broached the subject with the always even-tempered Naomi, well, you can guess what happened: a. something was hurled b. someone was hit c. something was smashed d. all of the above The answer this time is only “c” – a camera was the collateral damage of one very angry supermodel who responded before hitting a TV camera and leaving in a huff: “I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.” Will Woody Allen’s former mate convince Woody Allen’s former muse? Stay tuned…