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The Jewelry Insider

July 13, 2009

Wedding jewelry for most of us consists of a diamond ring and matching band and perhaps some pearls here and there. But if you’re a celeb, the high-end jewelers come out in droves to make sure you’re dripping in their diamonds – and American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi is no exception.

The superstar songwriter and Bikini Girl wanna-be walked down the aisle on July 5th in Prospect, Maine wearing a Vera Wang gown and almost 100 carats of diamonds from jeweler to the stars, Neil Lane.

She sparkled in a 30-carat diamond-and-platinum bracelet and chandelier earrings with 20 carats of diamonds. The total value? $250,000.

“She wanted something glamorous,” jeweler Neil Lane told People about DioGuardi’s wedding bling.

I guess 250 large qualifies.

Kara got engaged to Mike McCuddy, a general contractor, on December 8th after a year and a half of dating. The engagement took place while they were on vacation in Mexico and the alternative engagement ring was another Neil Lane creation featuring a smokey topaz center stone instead of the more traditional diamond fare.

In fact, many women today are going for colored stones instead of diamonds for their bridal bling – including the Today Show bride, who is sporting an emerald solitaire on her ring finger for her big day.

What do you guys think? Would you wear a colored stone engagement ring or are you afraid to buck with diamond tradition? Weigh in! And in the meantime, take a gander at Jewelry.com’s education section about the many ways to skin the engagement ring cat.

Ok. Bad metaphor. But you get the idea…

The Jewelry Insider

June 4, 2009

So you’re turning three. You’re thinking a doll, a stuffed animal, maybe a little cake might be nice from mom and dad. But if you’re the first biological child of the world’s most powerful couple – you don’t get a little party hat and a Sponge Bob DVD.

You get diamonds. And lots of ‘em.

Proud poppa, Brad Pitt, threw down a lot of cash at Neil Lane’s fab jewelry boutique in Los Angeles last week for his little blonde beauty, and walked away with not one but TWO diamond and platinum necklaces for Shiloh reportedly worth over $15,000.

Not to be outshined, US Magazine reports that Brad presented mom-gelina with a little bling of her own – namely a pricey Neil Lane charm bracelet decorated with mini gold and diamond jet planes.

To symbolize the emotional distance that now stands between them? Or maybe just to praise her piloting skills. Is there anything this woman doesn’t do?

Apparently not. She’s been listed as the most powerful celebrity in the world according to Forbes Magazine (yes, including the big O, folks), so it’s probably best that Brad keep up with the…um…kissing up.

The Jewelry Insider

March 3, 2009

Single dad and The Bachelor star, Jason Mesnick, may have broken some hearts on the show’s finale yesterday, but he darn well gave America a night to remember.

So. To recap. Jason told wide-eyed scrapbook maker, Molly Malaney, to get lost, got on bended knee, and presented the hand-crafted Neil Lane marquise-cut whopper to the perky, kid-friendly, not-as-career-minded Melissa Rycroft. Tears were shed, unrealistic fairy-tale dreams came true, and the show ended with a celebratory jump in the New Zealand resort pool with Jason’s cloying plot device, I mean, adorable son in tow.

Cut to: the After The Rose recap show. It’s six weeks later. Jason has CHANGED HIS MIND! He disses poor perky Melissa in front of millions, she gives back the ring – and then the bloke sheepishly asks a stunned Molly for another shot.

For anyone who has been dumped, and dumped royally, watching this car crash was about as fun as a double root canal. But you can’t fault the guy for following his putrid little heart, I suppose. Crikey.

So on to more important matters. What do you guys think about a jilted Melissa giving the engagement ring back? And more importantly, do you think it is OK for Jason to give it to Molly, should they beat the odds and actually last more than a few weeks?

If we are to ignore what are probably reams of legal documents from the show’s producers detailing exactly who does own the ring – legally, the ring does not actually belong to Melissa. It was given to her under the auspices of a ‘contract of marriage’, and it is hers to keep only if said marriage takes place. And well, we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

At a $58,000 price tag, she would have forgotten about the debacle a LOT quicker if she could at least just cash in her diamond chips and buy, say, a new condo. But, alas.

But, she did the right thing in my book and gave the diamond back without any more drama. To whom exactly remains to be seen. To Jason? The show’s producers? But should Jason get on bended knee again, would Melissa want to be presented with the very same diamond he decided NOT to give her the first time around? What do you guys think?

So much diamond drama to discuss…

Part two of the After The Rose Ceremony airs tonight at 10pm. And, yeah, I’ll be watching. Root canals are the new Oscars.

The Jewelry Insider

January 16, 2009

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted on the red carpet recently without her wedding ring, which in normal circles means there’s trouble in paradise. It was MIA for both the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button AND last weekend’s Golden Globes.

Her explanation to In Touch Weekly?

“Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced.”

“That’s crazy! It just didn’t go with the dress.”

Yeah. Right.

While most women take their rings off from time to time, say, if there is a floor to scour or a violent game of tennis on the calendar, I have rarely heard the excuse that “my 8.5 carat Neil Lane shocker doesn’t go with my evening gown.” Especially if the dress is that abhorrent jewelry-clashing color….gold! Or that hard to accessorize hue, white, as The New York Daily News points out.

A mutual pal of the married couple of four years told US Weekly, “They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose. Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

Which begs the question: Is the twosome toying with us to drum up publicity? Let’s face it. Their creative collaborations haven’t resulted in the critical success J-Lo’s solo offerings enjoyed. And they just renewed their vows in October and birthed twins – two signs of a healthy relationship in normal circles.

Whatever the reason, Mami, wedding rings, no matter who you are, are not to be worn as a fashion accessory. They are the permanent reminder that you’re hitched, off the market, with ball and chain, however you want to put it, and taking them off because they don’t go with a ball gown is kindof spitting in the face of the whole operation if you ask me.

What do you guys think? Am I being too closed minded about this issue? Is it OK to take your rings off from time to time if they don’t go with an outfit? Or if you’re pissed at your B-list husband for ruining your career?

Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

September 15, 2008

Jennifer Hudson got one whopper of a birthday present this Friday when her boyfriend, David Otunga, proposed! According to People magazine, the Dreamgirl was given a platinum, five-carat diamond ring from Neil Lane to seal the deal.

Otunga is best known as “Punk” on the VH1 reality show “I Love New York 2”. The couple have been dating for about a year, both hail from the windy city of Chicago and, come to think of it, both are reality show rejects who have gone on to bigger and better. Bravo! Hudson’s five carat rock doesn’t rival fellow Dreamgirl, Beyonce’s, eighteen-carat juggernaut, but why compete? They both have amazing careers and bright futures ahead.

Ms. Hudson’s self-titled album is due to drop on September 30th, and her new movie, The Secret Lives of Bees, will debut on October 17th. If the film is as good as the book (and I just saw the trailer this weekend – it’s going to be), we might be smelling Oscar for Hudson yet again. Is it OK to get nauseous now? American Idol rejection must seem like a world away.

Our congrats to the happy couple!