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Oscar, Opulence and Oodles of Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

I’ve been hearing a lot of jewelry trend talk throughout New York Fashion Week about a return to ‘opulence’ for Fall 2011, but I had yet to see it with my own eyes.

Until the Oscar de la Renta show.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

FINALLY! Jewelry that isn’t afraid of its own shadow.

Long, drop earrings in gemstone hues mixed with shoulder dusters styles that could head straight to the red carpet.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

Mr. de la Renta loves himself a brooch, and the season’s stand-out silhouette – bows – brought the sentiment to life beautifully for this collection.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

And then there’s the classic beaded necklace for a little ring around the collar glam.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

But Oscar de la Renta isn’t the only designer throwing caution and carats to the wind this season. Anna Sui is always game for some fun finger flavor.

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

And Proenza Shouler and Isaac Mizrahi both chose sculptural statment necklaces in black and white to accessorize their lines.
Proenza Schouler, Fall 2011 RTW

Proenza Schouler, Fall 2011 RTW

Isaac Mizrahi, Fall 2011 RTW

I think I’m having a Dorothy moment. The ho-hum days of prairie-wear and pearl strands from earlier shows have just transformed into a technicolor treasure chest of jewels that would make even Glinda blush.

Sure, there’s no place like home. But there are no ruby slippers there either.

Mad About Marchesa

Shut the front door! Marchesa just hit a Fashion Week home run with their stunning presentation of Oscar-worthy gowns. I’m sure Rachel Zoe has already hoarded the highlights for her growing list of A-listers.

With jewelry a veritable no-show on the runways this season, it’s nice to get a lower jaw-drop moment from the fashion at least, and Style.com reports onlookers were gasping aloud in awe at the daring display of drapery.

Bejeweled necklines, hand-painted florals, loops of fabric. What’s not to love?

While Marchesa is the go-to dress-up design house this season, Anna Sui presented my favorite casual collection.

As if channeling my inner Laurel Canyon layabout, the softer side of the 70s sprung off the runways here in feathered necklaces, beaded bodices, suede half-boots and flowy blouses.

Kate Hudson, eat your heart out!

What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite designer showing at Fashion Week? Weigh in! And be sure to check out the Jewelry.com Fashion Week trend recap hot off the presses!

Fashion Week Jewelry: Missing or Minimal

Jewelry hounds, I waited the proverbial 24 hours (ok, five days) before filing a Missing Person Report, but I think I can officially now declare: There is no jewelry at New York Fashion Week.

From Donna Karan and Carolina Herrera to Diane von Furstenberg and (even!) Marc Jacobs, the design powerhouses have chosen not to accessorize this season with the by now ubiquitous layered bangle or statement necklace – heck, even a hoop earring from what I can tell.

And honestly? I’m kinda relieved.

Don’t get me wrong. No one loves a Christian Lacroix-inspired jewelry box explosion more than yours truly, but it’s nice to see that women no longer need to pile it on in order to satisfy the sartorial gods.

Of course, it would be nice to see SOMETHING by way of a little sparkle. So I’m going to interpret this minimal trend for Spring 2011 this way: Only ONE small pendant necklace or ONE bangle is needed. Stud earrings can make a comeback in place of swinging chandeliers. Nothing wrong with a diamond diet every now and again, right?

For those of you lamenting the loss of our favorite accessory, there are still some serious designers on the Fashion Week calendar yet to show – plenty of time to do what we fashion followers do best: contradict ourselves.

In the meantime, these Spring 2011 ready-to-wear trends are emerging:

1. White is the new camel
2. Sheer fabric rules – but not too sexy
3. Slouchy silhouettes over the tight and tailored
4. Bold prints and florals over solid blocks of color
5. Wide-brimmed hats
6. Belted trench coasts
7. Sexy 70s (think Laurel Canyon-era Joni Mitchell not disco)

Stay tuned for more!

Blingy Barbie Fetes Fashion Week

Before I get consumed with New York Fashion Week craziness, I had to bring your attention to the most important thing you’ll read about this week: The Word’s Rarest Barbie!

(Who needs an Obama press conference when you’ve got a Barbie in a right hand ring, people?)

Mattel asked famous jewelry designer, Stefano Canturi, to put our favorite toast to feminism in his Cubism jewelry – and he did them one better by throwing in a real 1-carat Argyle pink diamond for good measure.

All told, her bling includes over three carats of white diamonds set in a signature Canturi necklace with an empowering right-hand diamond ring to boot – which is why her price tag is a record-setting $545,000 (!)

DeBeers Barbie? Eat your heart out.

“I wanted the jewelry design to pay homage to Barbie’s modern yet timeless style, this is why I applied my Cubism design concept to her look; it is perfect for her,” Canturi said on his webiste of his Mattel collaboration.

Barb makes her debut tonight at Fashion’s Night Out in New York and will be auctioned at Christie’s prestigious “Magnificent Jewels” sale on October 20th, with 100 percent of the profits donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Who do you think would buy Babs at this price tag? Barbie acolyte, Rachel Zoe? Pink diamond diva, Mariah Carey? Weigh in!

Jewelry Shines for NY Fashion Week

Jewelry fashion has always been the lady-in-waiting on the runways of Fashion Week – there solely to make all those lauded frocks sparkle instead of shining bright in its own right.

But it seems the tinseled tide is turning this year, as more and more jewelry designers are using the tents and runways to debut accessory collections first and foremost – relegating the clothes to back of the bus for a change.

Stylist extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe, is debuting her jewelry line with QVC in the IMG Tent, and hipster jewelry designer, Pamela Love, is sharing the low-cost version of her couture gems at the downtown alternative to the big tents, Mac & Milk Fashion Week.

Not to be outdone, Macy’s and Jewelry.com are using the much-publicized ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ extravaganza on September 10th to debut their new Manhattan Collection, featuring a stunning array of couture gems inspired by the icons of New York.

If you’re in the city on the 10th, there is an open invite to their premiere party, The Manhattan Exhibition, at the Macy’s flagship store from 6-9pm.The exhibit will feature 10 super high-end museum-worthy pieces – from a Central Park pendant and a Bull and Bear bangle to a Chrysler-inspired ring and a cuff that borrows from the bridges of the Big Apple.

Pretty stunning, if you ask me. And perfect timing.

So join me as I celebrate the jewelry category taking center stage for a change when the fall fashion machine goes into overdrive next week. I’m fastening my seatbelt – and my purse strings.

Fashion Week Channels Eighties Glam

New York Fashion Week isn’t as glitzy this year. The party circuit is slower, the shows not as production-heavy, the front rows not as star-studded, but thankfully the fashion is more than making up for the overall feeling of economic malaise.

Metallics, statement necklaces and purples are still in – but the hottest new look has to be the return to eighties glam. Think New York dance clubs circa 1983. And no one is channeling that “Duran Duran meets Dynasty” look better than (who else?) Mr. Marc Jacobs.

Last season he gave us suffragist chic, this season it’s Simon Le Bon meets Pat Benetar. Metallics, neon jewelry, shoulder pads, space make up and crimpy hair littered the Jacobs catwalk.

“I was thinking about the good old days in New York,” he said after the show, “when getting dressed up was such a joy.”

Not far behind the nostalgia-filled bandwagon is Betsy Johnson, who gave up her runway cartwheel this time for an intimate show in one of her stores. If Cyndi Lauper (or Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink for you die-hards) isn’t the inspiration for this leggings and tutu-filled offering, I’ll eat my Men Without Hats cassette.

So for you newcomers to bangled arms, lace tights and leg warmers, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. And for us old school veterans? Maybe it’s time to dust off the day-glo.

What do you guys think?

Fashion Week Snapshots

Nailing down trends appearing at New York Fashion Week is akin to saying a bit of everything, with nothing on top.

Designers have been harking back to the 40s, 60s, 70s and 80s (the 50s are missing but we’re only halfway thru the week).


Feathers are floating down the runway, so are ruffles, skintight dresses, mini-mini skirts, high-waisted skirts, pencil belts, waist cinchers, chunky cardigans and delicate tops.

Feathers, together with a fondness for animal prints, have resulted in some heralding the onslaught of an ‘eco-chic’ trend; no matter how you name it, it’s a fashionable jungle out there.


Color-wise it’s been a somewhat easier task for trendsetters to narrow down the ‘palettes’ of the season. Green, blue and some ethereal jewel-tones are the splashes of spark seen gracing the catwalk. Black though is still a popular fail-safe, with black back as the ‘new black’.

If you’re not a feathery type of gal, then Marc Jacobs has been rocking the runway with his biker chic collection that has placed the humble zipper on a pedestal of praise. The zipper looked great – and rebellious enough for urban trendsetters.

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