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The Jewelry Insider

January 11, 2009

Diamonds have always been Serena Williams’ best friend on the tennis court. Who could forget the $40,000 diamond earring that tumbled on the asphalt during a US Open match in 2004? That’s a whole lotta ‘love’.

But the bling factor just went to “11” yesterday at the Australian Open when the nine-time grand slam winner sported an icy bauble worth a mere $3.5 million. The 27-year-old tennis powerhouse made friends with Sydney diamond designer Nic Cerrone in a visit to his boutique store in Leichhardt the day before her opening match.

According to Sydney Dailey Telegraph, when the Italian jeweler asked if she liked diamonds, Williams stated the obvious: “They’re my best friends.” Yes, Serena, dear. We know. And we love you for it.

Cut to: Serena wearing the 427-diamond necklace at her press conference following her narrow win over Australian, Samantha Stosur.

“I told the jeweler that I would wear it at the press conference because I didn’t have the cash to be losing a three and a half million dollar necklace,” Williams said with a laugh.

“..and if it fell off I just would have go for it….. I wouldn’t care about the ball.”

Nothing like a little $3.5 million-dollar double fault to keep the champion distracted down under. Sounds like her rivals have a good game plan… If you can’t beat her back-hand, keep her eye off the ball with diamonds. Who is this ‘jeweler’ anyway?