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How To Accessorize Your Red Dress

Now that you know what type of jewelry to pair with your LBD (Little Black Dress) and your LWD (Little White Dress), it’s time to take a look at how to accessorize that red dress that has been hanging in your closet for way too long.


1) Go For Monochrome

Ruby reds and pretty pinks will bring just the right amount of color contrast to your red dress. If the top of your dress shows a little skin, don’t be afraid to highlight your neckline with a ruby pendant.

2) Classic Black 

Black is a classic color that will never go out of style, and stands out against red. For a more dramatic look, pair your red dress with an onyx drop pendant.



3) Cool White

It’s still summer and that means white is hot, hot, hot! Throw on a white statement bracelet to lighten up your red dress look and tune in to those summer vibes.

4) Glitzy Gold or Sleek Silver 

Whether you’re a golden diva or a silver gal, both work well with a red dress. Add some glamour to your red dress outfit with a pair of yellow gold chandelier earrings, or try an Art Nouveau ring in sterling silver.

How would you accessorize your red dress? We’d love to hear in the comments section below!


Halloween Jewelry: Spooky, Simple, & Stylish

Halloween is just a few days away, and we know you’ve been digging through your jewelry box to find just the perfect jewels for that Hallows Eve costume (or is that just us…?). Here are some fun Halloween jewelry pieces that can be worn not only during the spooky holiday but also year round!

Animal Jewelry Animal jewelry is one of the latest jewelry trends and a ton of fun to wear, especially during Halloween. If your costume is on the cutesy side, pair it with a black cat pendant. If your costume is a little spookier, or shall we say more “creepy-crawly,” complete it with a spider pendant.


Heart Jewelry – Will heart jewelry ever go out of style (hint: no!)? Heart jewelry pairs perfectly with a sweet and simple costume. For an unexpected twist, accessorize your costume with a devil heart pendant.


Orange & Black Jewelry Orange and black have always been associated with Halloween. Not sure if animal or heart jewelry goes with your Halloween costume? Try a pair of dark onyx earrings or a golden citrine pendant. The best thing about these two colors, is that they are always stylish and easy to match with different costumes and outfits.


Shop our Halloween jewelry sale here, and feel free to share your costume accessory ideas with us! From one jewelry-lover to another, we always love to hear about anything and everything related to jewelry.

Happy Halloween!

Paris Goes to London

Designer clothes, jewelry and a rock and roll circus – seems the perfect recipe to lure Hollywood ‘It’ girls out of their luxurious lairs. Edgy clothing label, Diesel xXx, came up with the winning combination by hosting what they called “the biggest international party the world has ever seen.” It’s no surprise, then, that Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other celebs took the bait.

The party started in Tokyo and continued on to Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Helsinki, London and Sao Paulo with a grand finale in New York City.

Whew! Even my head is spinning…

We found Paris in London of all places, doing her best Joan Jett impression with a goth-y necklace and a blonde bff as her two most prominent accessories.

Lindsay showed up in Brooklyn with a black and white diamond ring, layered diamond pendants and a series of gold bangles and cuffs. Former Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, rocked a vintage onyx statement necklace and Taylor Momsen and rock royalty, Zoe Kravitz, wore a series of beaded necklaces, gold chains, and bangles.

Inspired by the old European traveling circuses of yesteryear, the Diesel xXx “Rock and Roll Circus” featured theatrical circus elements including cabaret, fire eaters, trapeze artists, sword swallowing, female roller derby squads and a Mash Up-inspired concert featuring performances by T.I., Pharrell, M.I.A., Hot Chip and Chaka Khan.

Seems like a lot of work to get folks to buy your jeans.

The Jewelry Insider

October 6, 2008

Diamonds, pearls and gemstones are familiar faces in your jewelry box, but what if you found them in the floor? Nope, not on the floor, IN the floor. Luxury tile and flooring company, Pietra Firma, is satisfying the opulent tastes of home design hounds by putting the bling in an exclusive line of glittering tiles.

This limited edition of LuxTouch jeweled tiles can be used on your walls, ceilings and, yes, floors if you so desire. And at a mere $1,000,000 per square meter, we’re sure you’ll want a football-field sized swatch of ‘em. Encrusted with more than 1,000 diamonds, 2400 pieces of mother of pearl, 400 pieces of abolone shell and 500 pieces of black onyx, one square meter of the material is sure to outshine that Mop N Glo-ed hardwood you’re so fond of.

According to Pietra Firma’s website, “When inlaid, the diamonds sit slightly raised above the tile, which results in the maximum tactile and visual effect. Walking barefoot on a LuxTouch floor can only be described as a truly sensual experience. “

Or a good heel buffer. For the well-heeled among us, LuxTouch is the dazzling way to take that golden parachute on a walk to the wild side. Your accountant will love you for it.