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Bathroom Bling Breaks Price Records

Care to powder your nose with pure platinum? Or visit ‘the throne’ in real 24 karat gold? Now the precious metals that are fixtures in our jewelry boxes are literal fixtures in our, ahem, little girls rooms.

Luxist reports some of the most expensive bathroom tiles on the market today can be yours for a mere $615 per 2′ x 2′ square. The pieces are a reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s famous work “The Kiss” and use pure 24 kt gold and platinum as well as colored ceramic to bring the romantic piece to a bathroom near you. Pure gold and platinum tile fittings are also available for borders and space fillers.

Imagine what they could do with ‘The Scream”.

The craftsmanship involved in creating the tiles involved a three-year planning process that culminated with 17 separate firings in the kiln according to Luxist. The limited edition pieces are available through British tile experts, Original Style.

Would you put precious metals in the ‘WC” if you could afford it? Or is the bling best left to rooms with more, um, aspirational undertones?