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Oscar, Opulence and Oodles of Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

I’ve been hearing a lot of jewelry trend talk throughout New York Fashion Week about a return to ‘opulence’ for Fall 2011, but I had yet to see it with my own eyes.

Until the Oscar de la Renta show.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

FINALLY! Jewelry that isn’t afraid of its own shadow.

Long, drop earrings in gemstone hues mixed with shoulder dusters styles that could head straight to the red carpet.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

Mr. de la Renta loves himself a brooch, and the season’s stand-out silhouette – bows – brought the sentiment to life beautifully for this collection.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

And then there’s the classic beaded necklace for a little ring around the collar glam.

Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2011 RTW

But Oscar de la Renta isn’t the only designer throwing caution and carats to the wind this season. Anna Sui is always game for some fun finger flavor.

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

Anna Sui, Fall 2011 RTW

And Proenza Shouler and Isaac Mizrahi both chose sculptural statment necklaces in black and white to accessorize their lines.
Proenza Schouler, Fall 2011 RTW

Proenza Schouler, Fall 2011 RTW

Isaac Mizrahi, Fall 2011 RTW

I think I’m having a Dorothy moment. The ho-hum days of prairie-wear and pearl strands from earlier shows have just transformed into a technicolor treasure chest of jewels that would make even Glinda blush.

Sure, there’s no place like home. But there are no ruby slippers there either.

Oscar, Opulence, and Orange – Oh My!

Jewelry hounds, my favorite designer has done it again.What would we red carpet watchers do without our Fashion Week Oscar de la Renta fix? Yes, this same Oscar who gave us Carrie Bradshaw’s stunning couture moment in the final Paris episode and oodles of Award Show memories.

His Spring 2010 collection was full of color and didn’t skimp on the bling, perhaps because his clientele includes some of the world’s wealthiest women – from icons like Barbara Walters to all those New York ladies who lunch.

For we mere mortals, it’s fun to gawk at the glamour.I am loving his tangerine touches, from simple sheath dresses to coral brooch accents.

And if you thought yellow gold was on its way out – think again.The runway sparkled with gold circle statement necklaces and earrings in addition to over-the-top chandelier shapes that would make Liberace blush.

And those red carpet gowns!How much would you die to see that pink number at the Emmys this weekend? Or, say, Angelina or Megan Fox in that black number?

Thank you, Oscar.For making me a covet-thy-fashionista pile of drool yet again.And for keeping Valentino-esque glamour alive (if you haven’t seen the Valentino documentary, Valentino: The Last Emporer, put it at the top of your Netflix queue tout de suite!) .

Which designer makes you want to sell your first born for a chance at greatness? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

February 19, 2009

With Fashion Week frenzy slowing moving into Oscar buzz, there has been much talk about how the economy is affecting jewelry choices on both the runway and the red carpet. Will the Oscars feature lots of bling this Sunday, or will folks leave their diamonds at home?

There are two schools of thought coming from Fashion Week designers and celebrity stylists. One, is to take it down a notch. Basic black littered the runways with jewelry looks relegated to one signature piece. I was stunned to see the elegance of Oscar de la Renta’s line feature more little black dresses instead of his usual floor length gowns. Donna Karan and Reem Acra also featured muted shades with a statement necklace to add sparkle.





But others insist the fashion world is the perfect escape mechanism. In other words? Bring on the bling.

“Would you really want to tune in (to the Oscars) and see a bunch of women walking down the red carpet in black pantsuits?” Hal Rubenstein, fashion director of InStyle magazine, told the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s a recession, not an apocalypse.”


While there may not be a need this year for Stuart Weitzman’s $1 million diamond shoes, I think people still want to see gasp-worthy gowns and jewels that make our wallets go into cardiac arrest – even though the experts are predicting a return to basics.

“No one wants to be inappropriate in a time when people are struggling,” The Diamond Information Center’s Sally Morrison told the LA Times.

“The trend is fairly big, but fairly simple. Classic styles with sizzle that any woman can wear.”

All I know is if Angelina or Kate shows up in a pants suit with a tasteful pair of diamond studs, I’m going to throw my TV out the window.

What do you guys think? Should the stars ice it up for the Oscars or keep it cool? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

January 6, 2009

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway played with ‘bride and groom’ fashion at the premiere of their new movie, Bride Wars, last night, and the result was a fashion marvel and a major misstep. With not one, but two A-list beauties sharing top billing, we fashion hounds expect couture on the red carpet not a cutsie marketing ploy. Sorry, ladies.

Kate Hudson dazzled in a stunning black and white Oscar de la Renta gown, while Anne played groom with a tailored tuxedo jacket over what appeared to be black skinny jeans. Seriously. Skinny jeans. Two words I had hoped to never write again –particularly about the usually chic Hathaway.

And the misstep didn’t end there. The Hathaway hair choice conjured images of an Elvira-spawned lovechild with a profile reminiscent of an Olympic ski jump. It’s just all kinds of unfortunate.

Luckily, there were diamonds to cover for the calamity. Kate wore a cluster of diamond bangles, Anne sported a chunky diamond right hand ring, and a surprisingly svelte Kristen Johnston won the night with an icy diamond statement necklace. Well done.

The Hudson-produced Bride Wars tells the tale of two best friends turned rivals who are forced to share the same wedding date at The Plaza. Cat fights, backstabbing and crying jags ensue. The glittering New York premiere had its after party at (where else?) Tiffany’s, and the movie features a five-carat rock worth close to $400,000 from the iconic jewelry store.

I’m sure Anne and Kate look adorable in the film, which opens wide this Friday, January 9th. But a note to Anne’s stylist? Make the ski-slope hair and suit trousers stop.

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Jewelry trends are often hard to spot at big runway events, like Fashion Week, since many designers fear the bling will take attention away from the clothes.







Makes sense, but it’s not much fun for us, is it? Thankfully, there are fashion icons, like Oscar de la Renta, who dare to make jewelry statements that are as creative and stunning as their clothing.







Mr. de la Renta’s show is always a hot ticket, and this year was no exception. Jennifer Lopez got a front row look along with Barbara Walters and Vogue’s ubiquitous duo, Anna Wintour and Leon Talley. What they witnessed was yet another display of design brilliance, with dresses that Hollywood’s A list are surely earmarking for their acceptance speeches.

The jewelry was a glam-ed up interpretation of the season’s ‘big’ trends: (yes, you’ve heard it all before) big necklaces, big earrings and big wrist-wear. We particularly liked his cereal bowl- sized hoop earrings – a style that hasn’t seen the light of day since fashionistas sewed shoulder pads in their blazers. Bravo!

While most of us can only drool over such beautiful frocks and baubles, it’s heartening to know that the Oscar’s of the world are still making our fashion junkie hearts skip a beat and our dreams glitter just a little brighter. It’s what Fashion Week is all about.