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Oscar Jewelry Trends 2013: No Color, No Commotion, No Comment

While the 2013 Oscar jewelry red carpet sported stunning star looks from Jessica Chastain’s elegant “Old Hollywood-inspired” Armani Prive copper dress paired with 1960s Harry Winston diamonds, to Naomi Watts also in a shimmering Armani Prive frock and 20 carats of Neil Lane, I felt like I was Dorothy stuck in Kansas – never to enter the technicolor wonderland of Oz.

No emeralds. No sapphires. No rubies. No significant gemstone moment to speak of. It’s the first time tasteful diamond looks dominated on all of the nominees – as if the stylists sent a memo to keep things icy.

And Anne Hathaway, this century’s ‘go-to’ style star had a rare miss with a last minute switch from a Valentino frock to a pale pink Prada number, with darts in all the wrong places and a Tiffany and Co back necklace that saved her look from being an all-out fashion faux-pas.

While lovers of high fashion and classic diamond accessorizing will drool over the night’s stand-out trend – the back necklace (Anne Hathaway’s aforementioned Tiffany piece and Jennifer Lawrence in dainty Chopard diamonds), it was Jennifer Garner’s stunning 200-carat diamond and dark platinum Neil Lane statement necklace that made my mouth water. Great Gucci dress. Great jewelry. Great (nominated!) husband. What more do you need on Oscar night?

Diamond wristwear was the other big trend of the night with nominee, Amy Adams sporting a stunning Moawad diamond bracelet,  Charlize Theron dazzling in a cuff-sized Harry Winston piece, and Jessica Chastain in a twisted diamond and yellow gold Harry Winston stunner – among many others.

Rare color statements made a splash with Renee Zelwegger sporting a rockin ruby and diamond cuff by Van Cleef & Arpels, and Jennifer Hudson dazzling in blue and green gemstone jewels by Sutra to match her skin-thin frock by Roberto Cavalli.

But gone are the Angelina Jolie emeralds and the jaw-dropping statement necklaces of Awards Shows’ past. Gone are the green statements. The blue statments. Heck – even the RED statement was only represented by the biggest A-lister fashion UNDERstatement, Jennifer Aniston.

Instead Veronica Lake wavy hair and a flashy manicure seem to be the accessories of choice these days.

And Helen Hunt did her best “Sharon Stone shocks in Gap” statement by wearing a dress by H & M (albeit with $700,000 worth of diamond accoutrements sewed in to the seams).

And then there’s Jane Fonda doing her best to bring back the 80s. Neon yellow? In dress form? Yellow gold? Are those shoulder pads? Now THIS is a fashion statement. I kinda love it. You?

Weigh in with your thoughts, jewelry hounds. And be sure to check in with my sugar momma, Jewelry.com tomorrow with our ‘Oscar Jewelry for Less’ sale. Ba-ling!

The Jewelry Insider

February 24, 2012


With the 84th Academy Awards a mere days away, it’s time – once again – to put the champagne on ice and dish out some juicy Oscar jewelry predictions. You know you love ’em.

But first, a quick reminder that this Sunday at 6pm EST all the jewelry-loving tweeps will be using the #oscarjewelry hashtag to Live Tweet all the red carpet shenanigans.


We may not have a Glam Cam – but we’ve got fangs sharper than a diamond shard when it comes to arm-chair quarterbacking the fashion choices of the A list. AND we play drinking games. Me-OW!

Prediction #1 – Wonder Woman Cuffs

I just participated in a Style Counsel piece for InDesign Mag where we ‘trend spotter’ types all touted the arrival of the double cuff on the red carpet. Sofia Vergara, Elle McPherson, Kate Beckinsale and Nicole Ritchie all sported the look during Awards Season this year, and the trend is likely to continue on Sunday night.

Why wear one gazillion-dollar piece of arm candy, when you can have two?

Prediction #2 – Neckwear No-Show


One would think the ‘case of the missing necklace’ would be solved now that Lindsay Lohan is the ‘home stretch’ of her community service – BUT – the little devils just aren’t coming out to play at all on the red carpet lately.

Gone are the bib necklaces of Awards Shows past (like this stunner on Amy Adams in 2008). We’re not even getting a decent-sized diamond Y-neck!


While I may be off here, I’m thinking the statement earring trend is where the big boys are going to play again this year – and with designer Lorraine Schwartz dominating the red carpet, I’m sure the celebs have been doing their ear lobe exercises all week.

Prediction #3 – Blue Sapphires


Emerald jewelry has become the gemstone of choice when it comes to adding a splash of color to a red carpet look – from Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings in 2009 to Reese Witherspoon last year.


BUT – the 2012 runways have been swimming in a sea of blue hues (Chanel Couture, Anna Sui, Oscar de la Renta and more), and I think the jewelry world may just follow suit. Just a hunch.

Prediction #4 – Golden Gowns


While shiny dresses may be an ‘easy way out’ when it comes to making a statement on the red carpet (Taylor Swift, anyone?) metallics are – indeed – trending, with Badgley Mischka, Naeem Kahn, Marchesa and many more featuring them in their Fall 2012 RTW shows.

The vintage sequined look of the Great Gatsby-era is also big right now – and so are those long, head-to-toe sequined looks that belong to the Alexis Carrington/Dynasty days of the 80s.


So, ladies. When in doubt? Wear a big shiny dress to the Oscars. At least you’ll make the Joan Rivers “Best List”.

Prediction #5 – Angelina Jolie and Michelle Williams Will Wear Studs


I’ve given up hope that Angelina will bring us another Lorraine Schwartz jewelry juggernaut like the emeralds of yesteryear. Every time I think: “THIS is going to be the event where she graces us with something other than studs, hoops or ‘just Brad’ in the accessory department,” well..I wind up as disappointed as a tree-hugger at a logger convention.


Coming in a close second on the list of “Can’t Seem to Top Her Own Fabulosity”? Michelle Williams.

I LOVED her 2006 Tangerine Dream of an Oscar dress and her 19th Century vintage diamond necklace from Fred Leighton was the perfect complement. But these days? I haven’t seen her sparkle in anything other than barely-there studs and an eye twinkle. Zzzzzz……


C’mon A-listers! It’s the Oscars. I want to wear a bib to catch the drool this year. I want my jaw to hit the floor so hard I have to put in carpet to cover the cracks. I want Kelly Osbourne’s hair color to return to something resembling… ‘human’.


But I digress…

With Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, and Emma Stone all presenting, I’m sure there will be plenty of jewelry conniption fits to complement my champagne.


What are your thoughts about the Oscar line-up this year? Agree, disagree with my predictions? Weigh in…

We gawk harder…so you don’t have to.

The Jewelry Insider

February 22, 2012


It’s Oscar Week, and to get the jewelry juices flowing I’ve collected what I (humbly) think are some of the best Oscar jewelry moments for your gawking pleasure.

As with any list, I’m sure I’ve missed many of your favorites – so be sure to weigh in with your rants and raves. And no – Bjork’s “egg” didn’t make the cut.


So…without further ado…

#10 Beyonce


Beyonce was the belle of the ball at the 2005 Oscars in these huge diamond danglers – a trend I think we’ll see again on the carpet this year.

#9 Hilary Swank


I really loved the delicacy of Hilary Swank’s diamond necklace at the 2000 Oscars – a $250,000 Asprey & Garrard stunner.  This year’s Golden Globes copied the sentiment with a bevy of beauties sporting delicate neckwear in lacey silhouettes.

#8 Cher


Any Oscar Top Ten List has to include Cher, right? I’m going with her black Bob Mackie shoulder duster look from 1986 – but there are oh so many others to choose from. Where’s the Oscar nod for Burlesque, people?

#7 Nicole Kidman


2011 nominee, Nicole Kidman, has many Oscar triumphs, but I’m going with these yellow gold Indian dream catcher earrings that she paired with that history-making absynthe green Dior dress from 1995. Tom who?

#6 Amy Adams


2009 was a bang-up year for Oscar jewelry, and Amy Adams ‘almost’ won the night with this gemstone bib necklace from Fred Leighton (see #2 for the night’s big jewelry winner).

#5 Michelle Williams


This 19th century diamond necklace from Fred Leighton was the perfect complement to one of my all-time favorite Oscar gowns – the tangerine dream from Vera Wang on Michelle Williams back in 2006. I can’t WAIT to see what she’ll be wearing this year!

#4 Gwenyth Paltrow


Before she was prancing around with muppets in pink feather dusters, Gwennie made Oscar fashion history in that pale pink Ralph Lauren piece of perfection and a gorgeous 40-carat, $160,000 diamond necklace – given to her by her parents. And the world’s G-Pal love/hate relationship was born…

#3 Keira Knightley


Talk about making a statement. This vintage Bulgari collar necklace on Keira Knightley spawned an entire look-alike industry back in 2006. And with good reason, right?

#2 Angelina Jolie


Yeah. Of course. Those emeralds. I couldn’t come up with enough adjectives back in 2009to describe them. They still make my salivary glands go into overdrive.

#1 Elizabeth Taylor


What would we jewelry hounds do without Dame Liz? No one has been able to top her 1970 Oscar jewelry jaw-dropper from Cartier – a 69-carat teardrop rock aptly named the Taylor-Burton diamond that perfectly complemented her dress(!) – an Edith Head creation designed to match her friggin eyes!

Big, deep breath….


Said Ms. Taylor about her little bauble,

“Originally, I wore the diamond as a ring, but even for me it was too big, so we had Cartier design a necklace. I’m still sick that I sold it some years later.”

So what will the beautiful people bring us this year? Will Rachel Zoe go bannanas with Anne Hathaway’s Oscar style? Will Nicole Kidman bring it or bore us?  Stay tuned…and check back later in the week for my Oscar jewelry predictions!

2011 Oscar Jewelry Roundup: The Trends & Top Ten from Tinseltown

Oscar jewelry fashion at the 2011 Academy Awards was a smattering of surprises paired with the usual classic diamond deluge. Fasten your seatbelts, jewelry hounds. Here’s my glittering recap to the red carpet Super Bowl.

Red-hued frocks with elegant diamond looks were a big trend (Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Hudson), along with emerald jewels (Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Annette Bening), knock-out necklaces (Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren), and colorful earrings in surprising silhouettes (Marisa Tomei, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman).

While there was a very real fear that the ‘less is more’ trend would dominate the night – (Michelle Williams, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Lawrence all opted for minimal jewels – among many others), Oscar always brings out the best in some of our go-to fashion divas.

Here are my top ten looks of the night, but be sure to visit Jewelry.com on Facebook for my complete album with rants and raves capturing all the Oscar looks. And better yet? Check in with JewelClub Monday morning to get all the hot 2011 Oscar jewels at prices that don’t need their own body guard.

1. Anne Hathaway Oscar Jewelry

Some might say Tiffany diamonds and a red dress are safe Oscar bets. I say – that’s the kind of red carpet fashion we jewelry hounds are looking for (and dare I say) expect from the A-list. And Annie’s jewelry looks just kept on coming throughout the show (I’ll be tracking down pics and credits for all – so stay tuned!)

2. Nicole Kidman Oscar Jewelry


How can you make a stunning 150-carat Fred Leighton diamond necklace look even more beautiful? Put it on Nicole Kidman and have it DRAPE DOWN HER BACK! Win!

3. Marisa Tomei Oscar Jewelry

Van Cleef & Arpels is responsible for these sapphire, diamond and emerald statement stunners. And her Charles James dress from 1950 almost made Tim Gunn hyperventilate, bless his heart. She’s never looked better.

4. Natalie Portman Oscar Jewelry

The sensational Live Twitter Chat gang (some of the best minds in jewelry and fashion participated – click here for more!) were either in LOVE with these Tiffany ruby tassels or thought them to be, um, pedestrian. I love the pomegranate color – not the silhouette so much. It just wasn’t the knock-out moment the belle of the Oscar ball needed to bring (a la Gwyneth in Cathy Waterman and Ralph Lauren when she won back in the day).

5. Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar Jewelry

Speaking of G-Pal – only she could pull off this Calvin Klein silvery sensation of a dress paired with these unique Louis Vuitton gemstone (bird?) earrings from their L’Ame du Voyage collection. A bold choice and a big win!

6. Helen Mirren Oscar Jewelry

Dame Mirren reigned over the red carpet in a pearl, diamond and platinum necklace from 1907 and a diamond bracelet from Cartier’s Archive Museum Collection. This woman always looks lovely – although the length of her necklace is a bit long here for my taste.

7. Reese Witherspoon Oscar Jewelry

This year’s Angelina Jolie-emerald-earring copycat award goes to…Reese Witherspoon, who looked lovely in 35-carat emerald drops by Neil Lane (her jewelry totaled $1 million). Annette Bening? You come in second place…

8. Jennifer Hudson Oscar Jewelry

Jaws dropped when this dream girl stepped on the red carpet in a ‘tangerine/red’ Versace number and Neil Lane diamonds. And I am telling you. You don’t have to go anywhere, sister.

9. Mandy Moore Oscar Jewelry

The ‘less is more’ win of the night for me went to this pretty diamond cluster earring on Mandy Moore. The overall look is the perfect example of how to wear jewelry with a sparkly dress. Just lovely.

10. Amy Adams Oscar Jewelry

Such a bold choice to wear navy, no neck line and this Cartier emerald and diamond wrap necklace and a 30.75-carat carved emerald and diamond bracelet-watch worth $1.025 million. Everyone is talking about her jewelry – despite the fact that it belonged with a different ensemble.

Whew! So what do you guys think of my Top Ten Oscar jewels for 2011? Who did I miss? Weigh in – and be sure to double back tomorrow for my ‘after party’ jewelry gawk-fest. Hoping for an Angelina sighting at the Vanity Fair party. Stay tuned!

(By request, a close-up of Amy Adams’ Cartier wrist bling. Wow!)

The Jewelry Insider

February 24, 2011


My trip down Oscar jewelry memory lane earlier this week kicked my diamond-infused fantasy life into overdrive.

How amazing would it feel to hold that Taylor-Burton 69-carat diamond – let alone pick it out from your own personal jewelry stash and wear it down the Oscar red carpet in a dress to match your eyes?


Or. OK. How great would it be to hold those Angelina Jolie Oscar emeralds in your grubby little hands or walk the red carpet with your own personal set of body guards like Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

Who doesn’t love body guards?


Thankfully, I’m not alone in diamond dreamland. JewelClub is riding the Oscar jewelry fantasy wave like Laird Hamilton on a tsumani – with a whopping collection of (count ’em) 20! Oscar jewelry looks for less on their smashing sample sale site.

They’ve got real-life alternatives to Liz’s Taylor-Burton diamond dream, Angelina’s emeralds, Julia’s hoops, Natalie’s diamond bib neck, Gwenyth’s teardrops. They even have glittering ghosts from Oscar’s past – like Sharon Stone’s diamond drops and Nicole Kidman’s “Tom Who?” earrings from 1995!


It’s a strong showing of pre-Oscar jewelry fashion to give us a taste of their Oscar sample sale to come – and it’s one doozy of a show stopper.

They claim their price points deserve their own gold statue, and I can’t disagree. Check out their Oscar Couture Sample Sale here and let me know what Oscar jewel you want for your own collection!


We may not go home with Brad Pitt every night – but, darn it! – we can certainly have earrings that look like they do!

Oscar Jewelry Fashion – Is Less More?

Jewelry fashion and Oscar – they usually go hand in hand, right? But as I expected, jewelry hounds, there wasn’t an Angelina Jolie emerald moment to speak of on the Oscar red carpet this year. My lower jaw didn’t drop once, truth be told.

The big trend we jewelry bloggers agreed on appears to be the ‘less is more’ minimal earring look to complement the statement dress. From Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive to Sandra Bullock in metallic Marchesa – the A-list worked the ‘wow’ factor with bejeweled dresses that could only support a small earring or a layered cuff in the ice department.

Sarah Jessica Parker worked Chanel Couture – with built-in diamond necklace bling. Cameron Diaz rocked gold bejeweled Oscar de la Renta with simple circles on the ears. And everyone from nominees Anna Kendrick and Mo’nique to awards season starlets, Diane Kruger and Amanda Seyfried, sported just a splash of diamonds to make their Oscar debut.

(insert rasping gasp for air here)

To make up for the diamond draught, we jewelry hounds had to turn to our gaudy goddess, Mimi, who sported 43 carats of Chopard diamonds on the ears, and the ageless Helen Mirren, who carried 125 Chopard carats around her neck.

The night’s big award winners are still unkown, but the jewelry champs in my book are Kate Winslet in a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace and Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab Houte Cuture and statement chandelier earrings. Nicely done.

More jewelry dish tomorrow. But for now? Back to the champagne.

Will the Oscars be a Snorefest?

It’s what we jewelry hounds wait for all year – the Oscar red carpet coverage on E!

I love every minute of it – from Guiliana Rancic’s inappropriate use of ‘honey’ with A-listers, dames and sirs alike (Helen Mirren? Run don’t walk) to Seacrest’s cleavage-staring interviews. I will miss the wild card Kathy Griffin coverage – but I suppose I can wait for the Joan Rivers roundup this year to give me a good guffaw.

But I’ve gotta tell you, I’m a little worried at the potential for a serious snorefest this year. Avatars are replacing Angelina. There’s no Brad/Jen red carpet bump-in to anticipate. And while Mo’Nique and Anna Kendrick are certainly worthy nominees – they just don’t generate the excitement of, say, an Anne Hathaway or a Kate Hudson on the red carpet.

Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock are both stunners, but we’ve so ‘been there done that’ all year with them, I’ve got to admit – I’m feeling a little bored with both.

So who is left that’s going to bust out with the bling this year? What ingenues are going to give us a good Gwynnie moment? Kristen Stewart will be too busy brooding with her black eyeliner. Inglorious Basterds’, Diane Kruger, is a possibility – but she doesn’t have the A-list star power to make a huge impact like, say a ‘Julia’ or a ‘Nicole’ did back in the day.

Perhaps I should be happy with the possibility of the first woman getting Best Director or the adorable Gabourey Sidibe living out her dream – but a jewelry hound needs her diamond drama at the Oscars! I’m afraid this year I might have to double down on the champagne to get the giddys.

What do you all predict? Weigh in!

Don’t forget to Tweet with me during the red carpet on Sunday if you’re in to multi-tasking! And stay tuned for all the follow-up coverage here and on Jewelry.com all next week.

My Diamond in the Rough

Well, jewelry hounds, she’s here! Roxanne (Roxy) Parker Rataj was born on February 10th to the delight of her mom and pops. She came out 8 pounds 20 inches but has eaten her way to 9 pounds 6 oz and 23 inches in two weeks’ time(!)

I think I have an over-achiever on my hands…

Wanted to share a few pics with you all so you can see what’s been occupying my time since diamonds and divas have taken a back seat this month. Ain’t she swell?

While my daughter’s birth was perfectly timed for numerologists and folks who care about such things (2/10/2010 has a nice ring to it, right?), I did miss covering New York Fashion Week and was shocked to hear of Alexander McQueen’s untimely passing. The fashion world will never find a replacement for his apocalyptic, whimsical, down-the-rabbit-hole stylings – – truly tragic.

But on to sunnier skies. Namely? Oscar! The party scene has been rolling non-stop leading up to the big night on March 7th, so I’m sure there will be lots of ground to cover next week. Stay tuned – and thanks for all of your good wishes and support during my brief sojourn. In the meantime, Roxy and I are busy prepping for red carpet gawking from our feeding spot on the couch.


The Jewelry Insider

February 25, 2009

The Oscar hangover continues, jewelry hounds, with a glittering jewelry wrap-up of the after party circuit. The stars attended a bevy of bashes post-Oscar, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation party, Fox Searchlight’s celebration and, of course, the always A-list Vanity Fair soiree.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars skipped the ceremony altogether, making their first appearance on the Vanity Fair red carpet, including Madonna who was wearing over $1 million in Neil Lane diamond jewels, including layers of black and white diamond beads (500 carats in all), a 50 carat diamond and onyx bracelet, 20 carat pear-shaped diamond earrings and a large cocktail ring.





Other diamond divas included the always-stunning Kate Beckinsale in huge diamond loop earrings, red carpet staple, Sheryl Crowe, in diamond chandeliers, and the ageless Joan Collins in vintage diamond drops and a diamond cuff as icy as an Alexis Carrington glare. Meow.





Gold glittered on JT main squeeze, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, and Debra Messing; and Uma Thurman, Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood and Gwen Stefani kept it classic with simple diamond statements.





While Angelina and Brad didn’t show to rub elbows with Jen and John (big surprise), Sean Penn and ex, Madonna, shared the same space as did Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, who reportedly shunned each other as they walked by arm in arm with their current loves, Jake Gyllenhaal and Abbie Cornish.

Meow indeed!

The Jewelry Insider

February 23, 2009

Aside from the much-anticipated Angelina Jolie / Jennifer Aniston showdown, jewelry fashion was the talk of the town leading up to last night’s Oscar telecast. Diamonds? Gemstones? Gold? Would the stars bring out the bling, or would the economy force the A-list to keep the diamonds on the down-low?

Well, thank the jewelry gods above that the stars ignored the gloom and doom-ers and positively lit up the red carpet with jewels – from giant statement looks to tasteful, show-stopping diamond glamour.

The Statement Makers included a fiery Amy Adams in red Carolina Herrera and a lobster bib-sized Fred Leighton gemstone statement necklace from the 1950s, a sparkling Taraji P. Henson in Roberto Cavalli and a vintage diamond flower necklace – also from Fred Leighton, and Heidi Klum who rocked a Roland Mouret red dress with $900,000 worth of Lorraine Schwartz diamond jewels. And, of course, my winner of the night, Angelina Jolie, in Lorraine Schwartz emeralds, who reminded me how much fun it is to gasp aloud at the televsion.





Light colors with tasteful diamond looks also made a frequent appearance last night. Oscar-winner and Woody Allen muse, Penelope Cruz, looked stunning in vintage Balmain and a 69-carat cushion cut diamond necklace, a 21-carat starburst yellow diamond ring, and 11-carat diamond stud earrings – all from Chopard. That’s $3 million in diamonds in case you were wondering. Odios Mio!

And Anne Hathaway surprised us all with her musical-theater skills and her impeccable fashion sense as she glowed in Armani Prive and Cartier. I take back every evil pants-suited remark I made, Anne, after boo-hooing my way through that Shirley MacLain tribute to you.

Also on the light side of fashion was Marisa Tomei in Versace and vintage jewels from Van Cleef & Arpels that included a 1941 diamond and sapphire bracelet, a 1960 diamond ring, and 1973 lapis and diamond earrings.


Color couture
added a much needed rainbow effect as Natalie Portman was the prettiest in pink Rodarte and rocky diamonds studs, Freida Pinto stunned in purple Galiano and gemstone drop earrings, and Alica Keys shimmered in a lilac Armani Prive frock with jaw-dropping diamond-leaf earrings.
And what is a red carpet without our Metallic Mavens? Viola Davis won the category in my book with a shimmering Reem Acra gold gown and a series of icey diamond bangles. Tina Fey, whose schtick with Steve Martin made me fall in love with her all over again, wore the most stunning silvery Zac Posen number I’ve ever seen on her. And Jennifer Aniston finally gave up the black (and the pants suit) for a bejeweled Valentino number with minimal bling.

And much like Hugh Jackman’s bizarre interpretive Reader dance and the weird attempt to make a Wall-e/Jai-Ho mash up (Peter Gabriel was SO right to opt out of that one), there were some missteps worthy of mention.

Melissa Leo’s mismatched jewels did nothing to help her unfortunate gown choice, Beyonce totally misfired with this gaudy gold and black number from her mother’s line, and the ‘age appropriate’ police needed to arrest both Miley Cyrus and Sophia Loren. Not a good choice there, ladies.

And I’m going to get flack for this, but I thought both Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep could have chosen better this year. And Sarah Jessica Parker was just a bit too Glinda the Good Witch for me. There. I said it.

But all in all, the Oscars gave this jewelry hound a glittering night to remember full of worthy winners, fashion marvels and jewels, jewels, jewels. Weigh in with your own musings, jewelry lovers!

And stay tuned for my Oscar After Party jewelry remix with Halle “can your husband be any more gorgeous?” Berry, Madonna, Mickey Rourke’s Loki choker and more…