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Pamela Anderson’s Golden Globes

Gold statues don’t often come in the guise of a bikini-clad pop icon, but artist Marc Quinn begs to differ. The popular sculptor created twin life-size Pamela Anderson statues out of polished bronze for his controversial new exhibit that showcases people ‘who have transformed their outward appearance to match how they are feeling inside’, according to the UK’s Coventry Telegraph. The Baywatch beauty and recent Dancing with the Stars cast-off told The Guardian that she loves Quinn and his work, “I didn’t even ask what he wanted to do with me. I would have done anything.” (insert inappropriate snickering here…) Of his inspiration, Quinn said, “What Pamela has done is use surgery and transformation within the mainstream cultural context, whereas everyone else in the show has struck out on their own.” Two large Michael Jackson heads are also on display – one white, one black – as are statues of porn stars and the ‘woman turned man who gave birth to a baby’ dude. Quinn is also known for his 2008 solid gold statue of Kate Moss in a contorted yoga pose called ‘Sphinx’ worth $2.6 million (click here for more on that little ditty). What do you think the Pamela statue will go for, and who do you think would buy it? (Tommy Lee? Kid Rock? Siegfried? Roy?) Weigh in!