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Warm-weather is here, which means dresses, sandals, and of course summer jewelry! As usual, we’ve been keeping tabs on the latest jewelry trends, and are here to give you the lowdown. Sea creatures are big this season, as seen in Emilio Pucci’s runway show, while ring bling is still going strong (swing rings, midi rings, stacking rings, all in!). Pearls are hot this summer, and made a statement at the Chanel Airlines show, while large hoops made a runway comeback at both Versace and Givenchy.

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What To Wear: Thanksgiving Jewelry Guide

We can’t believe it’s almost time for the holidays – Thanksgiving is right around the corner! What’s even more important than that Thanksgiving menu you’re putting together? Your outfit of course! What’s the best way to accessorize? With jewelry! Check out these three ways to spice up your holiday look with Thanksgiving jewelry. 

Fall Jewelry – You can never go wrong with fall jewelry during the day of thanks. Thanksgiving is a fall holiday after all. Complement your look with citrine, quartz, sapphire, gold, and all those wonderful stones and metals that scream fall. Shop for fall jewelry at Jewelry.com. 


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Pearl Jewelry – If you’re going for a more classic look, pearl jewelry will do the trick. Match your Thanksgiving dress or skirt with a colorful pearl bangle, chic pearl drop earrings, or a dainty pearl pendant. Shop for pearl jewelry at Jewelry.com. 


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Sparkling Statement Jewelry – The holidays are the perfect excuse to play dress up. Throw on those sparkly diamonds! The more the better, right? At least that’s what we always say. Shop Jewelry.com’s New Arrivals sale for sparkling statement jewelry.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

The 401 on Freshwater Pearls

Pearl lovers and collectors, ever wonder what’s the deal with freshwater pearls? Well, read on to get schooled on these America’s favorite ladylike classic

FreshwaterPearls_blog_20150903_a_ (1)

These lustrous lil’ stones (like most pearls on the market) are cultured which makes them a man-made creation. Typically, a small piece of tissue will be inserted in the pearl nacre. The pearl will start to grow but usually in an irregular shape. During the ’90s freshwater pearl gained popularity because of the variety of color and their affordability. Generally speaking freshwater pearls are grown in Japan, China and the United States. Fiending for more info? Check out these fun facts about pearls…


1. Freshwater pearl cultivation began around the time when America was discovered by the Europeans.


2. The finest freshwater pearls can be found in the Mississippi River, Scotland and China


Honora Set of Pearl Bracelets

3. Cultured pearls are freshwater pearls created with the assistance of the human hand.


Honora 60-Inch Pearl Strand

4. The culturing of freshwater pearls can take from 6 months to 2 years.


Pearl & 1/8 ct Diamond Drop Earrings

5. Only 25-30% of mollusks used for culturing pearls actually survive the process.


Victorian Ring





Favorite Duchess Kate Maternity Looks

A big congratulations to Duchess Kate and Prince William on their new baby girl (and style icon in the making) Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! In typical Kate Middleton fashion, Duchess Kate was photographed looking flawless leaving the hospital in a pretty yellow dress and pearl drop earrings. In fact, throughout her entire pregnancy Duchess Kate’s maternity style was on point, but really, we wouldn’t expect anything less. Check out our favorite looks below, and shop for your very own pair of Duchess Kate inspired pearl drop earrings from Honora!

Duchess Kate & Prince William leaving the hospital w/Baby Charlotte.


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2 of our favorite Kate Duchess outerwear maternity looks.


2 of our favorite Duchess Kate dress maternity looks.








The Jewelry Insider

March 15, 2012


It’s been a while since I’ve felt compelled to write about a Michelle Obama jewelry moment. Sadly, the heady early days of the Mrs. O fashion zeitgeist have faded,  and I’ve frankly stopped my White House-related treasure hunting altogether.

Until last night.

Michelle Obama “brought out the Binns” to light up the State Dinner honoring British Prime Minister, David Cameron and his wife Samantha, and I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw her on the news.

Hallelujah! The Fashionista-in-Chief is back!


The Divine Mrs. O set off her stunning teal Marchesa dress with a Tom Binns statement necklace made from a bonanza of teal, blue, silver and white pearls layered over a giant rhinestone piece, according to USMagazine.com.

“I love the addition of texture with the Tom Binns necklace,” Roksanda Ilincic, who dressed Obama for the evening, told reporters.

AND – she topped off the look with geode stud earrings by none other than Kimberly McDonald (another one of my favorites)!!!


Big. Deep. Breath.

Tom Binns, for the uninitiated is one of my all time favorite jewelry designers, known for his over-the-top statement pieces that are at once sculptural and whimsical, fashion-forward yet wearable. He designed an entire line around Alice In Wonderland, if that gives you any indication.

The last time Michelle Obama wore a Binns piece, she was on the other side of the pond at a black-tie dinner honoring the British royals.


Stunning, right? Perhaps the only thing that could keep my eyes off this exciting new addition to the Mrs. O jewelry hall of fame was this particular name on the guest list…


Maybe I’ll gate crash the next State Dinner…Who’s with me?

Pearl Jewelry at the Purrrfect Price


Free jewelry. Other than ‘cocktail hour’ and ‘lottery win’ I can’t think of two words in the English language I’d rather hear. So I’m spreading the news that my sugar mamma, Jewelry.com, just launched their latest Sweepstakes extravaganza with three blingy jewels up for grabs.


June is all about pearls in the jewelry world. It’s this month’s birthstone, it’s “the” go-to graduation gift and brides-a-kimbo put them on to walk down the aisle. So wouldn’t you know it? Jewelry.com decided to center their sweepstakes around it (savvy sparkle sellers that they are).


It’s called the “Purrrrfect Pearl Sweepstakes”, and there are three very worthy pieces up for grabs.

Pearl & Diamond Necklace in 14K Gold. (Retail Value: $679.00)
Pearl and Black & White Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold (Retail Value $579)
Pearl Clover Earrings in 10K Gold with Diamonds (Retail Value: $199)


All you do is visit the Jewelry.com Facebook Page to enter or click here. You can also shop their Purrrfect Pearl Collection that features some of their hottest pearl styles at up to 80% off retail – a refreshingly strand-free stash that has lots of fashion forward finds.

But first and foremorest (as my dad always used to say) “You can’t win if you don’t play.” Words to live by in the jewelry hunt, playing the lottery – and in life.

Did I mention there’s FREE JEWELRY?

(just sayin’)

The Jewelry Insider

February 16, 2011

Donna Karan, Fall 2011 RTW

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in full swing in the Big Apple this week, and the jewelry hunting has been slow-going. In all fairness, ready-to-wear collections (vs. couture shows) aren’t usually jumping with jewels – the past few years of blinged out bangle-wear and statement-makers were one big exception.

Now that we’re headed back toward minimal, sleek looks – the jewelry is following suit with a pretty pendant here a well-placed bracelet there – and the surprise of the season: pearls.

Donna Karan

Like Giorgio Armani did with gemstones in Paris earlier this year, Donna Karan is doing with pearls for her Fall 2011 RTW line. Namely, designing their entire collection around a jewelry style.

Style.com reports:

“Donna Karan named her Fall collection Pearls of Wisdom and recruited Erickson Beamon to design the pearl necklaces that accompanied all the looks and informed the show’s all-neutral palette.”

Donna Karan

This isn’t just good news for Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama and the rest of the DC ladies who lunch. Pearl strands are the perfect complement to any ensemble, and designers are getting creative with both shapes and colors this year.

I loved this Lorraine Schwartz pearl cuff spotted on singer/dancer, Mya at the Grammy’s, for example.

Lorraine Schwartz cuff on singer, Mya

And here’s a unique ‘twist’ on a classic from JewelClub’s sample sale that’s a wise choice for both the fashion-forward and the budget-conscious at only $67.60 (down from $199).

While polka dots (Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg) and prairie-wear (Rodarte) were the two big clothing trends to emerge so far, I’m going to declare 2011 the “Year of the Pearl”.

Marc Jacobs
Diane von Furstenberg

What does the jewelry-hound peanut gallery think? Am I on to something? Or is this just a limited runway interpretation of an old classic?

Tony Curtis: From Pants Suits to Pearl Strands

Diamonds may have been Marilyn Monroe’s best friend, but pearls were the pretty companion of Tony Curtis in their iconic film “Some Like It Hot” – a movie masterpiece that I’m sure many will revisit now that the last living member of the film’s trio has passed away.

For the uninitiated: “Some Like It Hot,” is a1959 film in which Curtis and Jack Lemmon played small-time jazz musicians who witnessed the St. Valentine’s Day massacre in Chicago and, pursued by gangsters, posed as women to escape with an all-female jazz band bound for Miami (Marilyn Monroe, included).

Hi-jinks ensue.

Oscar-winning costume designer, Orry Kelly, turned Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis into ‘Josephine’ and ‘Daphne’ using all the well-known fashion secrets drag queens the world over still use today: lots of neck scarves, long gloves, fun hats  – and yes – that ubiquitous symbol of understated femininity: pearls.

Pearl jewelry is generally thought of as the go-to gem when women want that ‘conservative yet classic’ look. Politicians and first wives love pearls for their sartorial safety, and they’re always a Mother’s Day crowd pleaser.

But Tony Curtis and his partner in crime brought the category to a, shall we say, ‘new’ audience – making everything from pearl-drop earrings to long strands work in ways the jewelry world never thought possible.

In other words: Clothes may make the man – but classic pearls create the cross-dresser.

Tony Curtis, R.I.P.  Here’s to you. Who’s like you? Damn few.

Pearl Jewelry 101

From Coco Chanel to Michelle Obama, women have always considered pearl jewelry a must-have addition to their jewelry collections.

Ever wondered how those oysters manage to create such a shiny little miracle? Or what about the five most important factors to consider when buying pearls?

Here is a pearl primer from my sugar momma, Jewelry.com, that tells you all the pearls of wisdom you’ll ever need to know! Enjoy!

Pearl Jewelry 101:

Pearl, the birthstone for June, is among the most timeless, classic and treasured of all gems. Throughout history, pearls have been associated with wisdom, wealth, purity, romance and mystery. The ancient Egyptians were buried with them. In Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and status. The Greeks prized them for their beauty and association with love and marriage. Medieval knights wore them in battle as a talisman against injury. And during the Renaissance, some European countries banned all but nobility from the right to wear them.

It’s hard to believe that such a luscious, beautiful gem comes from such humble origins. A natural pearl starts out as a grain of sand or microscopic worm that works its way into an oyster and cannot be expelled. To protect its soft body from this irritant, the oyster secretes a smooth, hard crystalline substance called nacre. Layer upon layer of nacre coats the foreign object and hardens, ultimately forming a pearl. In general, the thicker the nacre, the richer the ‘glow’ of the pearl – which can greatly enhance its value.

Although early pearl gathering depended on divers braving the oceans’ depths to retrieve these treasures, the vast majority of pearls today are grown, or cultured, on pearl farms by surgically inserting a small shell bead, or nucleus, into the mantle of an oyster.

Even though pearls are harvested en masse on pearl farms, producing a quality pearl is an extremely rare event. It is estimated that half of all nucleated oysters do not survive – and of those that do, only 20% bear marketable pearls.

When shopping for pearls, the five factors that determine value are luster (surface brilliance); surface cleanliness (absence of spots, bumps or cracks); shape (generally, the rounder the pearl, the higher its value); color (pearls come in virtually every hue of the rainbow, and a few others, too); and size (the average pearl sold is 7-7.5 millimeters, but these gems can be as small as 1 millimeter or as large as 20 millimeters).

Because pearls are soft, ranking only 2.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness, they require special care. Natural oils from the skin, as well as hair spray, lotions and cosmetics, can dull their luster. Like other jewelry, they should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and stored in cloth or cotton away from other jewelry to prevent scratching. Also, avoid allowing your pearl to come in contact with harsh chemicals, which can erode its surface. And if worn frequently, pearl necklaces should be brought to a jeweler once a year for re-stringing to prevent strand breakage.