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The Jewelry Insider

June 8, 2008

June is Pearl Month and Jewelry.com has a pearls of wisdom when it comes to picking the perfect pearl piece.
Pearl necklaces come in five basic lengths, but which is the length for you and what do they mean?
Choker, Princess, Matinee, Opera and Rope.Y ou may have heard of some of the names but probably have no idea how long each is and, more importantly, how it sits on the neck and below.

Choker – 16 in
The pearl choker is the shortest length circling the neck. While a pearl choker can be worn with almost any neckline and looks great with every style, from casual to formal, make sure it doesn’t swallow the neck. Pearl chokers draw attention to the neck but if you have a particularly short or long neck, the attention should be drawn away from the neck to the shoulder line or below. As such, stay away from chokers. For everyone else, a choker is great classic, suitable for every occasion.
Princess – 18 in
A princess strand falls slightly below the neckline and compliments every neck-style from high to low. It’s great for office-wear as its length sits just above a blouse neckline and won’t be hidden like longer lengths.
Matinee – 24 in
The Matinee strand is most popular for formal occasions and is the perfect length for any little black dress event. It’s also the best length for those who are well endowed in the chest region as it highlights the neck and shoulders finishing just above the cleavage.
Opera – 32 in
Falling just below the bustline, the Opera strand is great for eveningwear and compliments every body shape. For less formal occasions, it can be doubled over and worn as a twin choker – a true day into night piece.
Rope – 46 in
If it’s versatility you’re after, then a pearl rope is the style for you. By itself the strand generally falls somewhere around the waistline and is perfect for those that like to stand out from the crowd. Its length means you can play with styles from triple, or quadruple rows of a choker, to doubling it as Princess and Opera style together. Or try simply knotting it for a chic look that’s perfect with everything from jeans and a tee shirt to an elegant evening gown.

The Jewelry Insider

May 20, 2008

The Cannes Film Festival is just as much about the frocks and the rocks as it is the movies and the art. It may be Europe’s powerhouse movie fiesta, but it’s just as much a fashion fete. A-listers, B-listers and the ‘who are they’ run to the Riveria to be seen in their sparkly best. It doesn’t matter whether they have a movie showing or not. It’s more about their showing than any ‘art’ showing.

This year, glam is simply a case of black and white. Colors were mostly muted with many of the silver screen’s beauties opting for black or white or a mixture of both.Jewelry was, as has been over the past 12 months, focused on the ears.

Oversized drop earrings were the take home winners of the day, with once again, necklines baring all.It is Europe though and that means chic – especially Chanel-style chic reigns. Pearls were out in force under the Southern French sun.
From large drops framing the face to Dita Von Teese’s ultra swank necklace, it was a perfect place to be a pearl.