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The Jewelry Insider

April 1, 2010

Easter jewelry isn’t generally thought of as a bona fide category like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. But that didn’t stop me from searching…

In my dream world, I’d be wearing this stunning couture bunny bracelet featured in Chopard’s 150th anniversary line (I still can’t stop thinking about all those bejeweled creatures just screaming for a new home).

But instead I came upon this friggin adorable diamond accent chick pendant from Gordon’s Jewelers that reminded me of another favorite Easter-time obsession.


Those sugary birds and bunnies in a box are ready for their close-up again this year. But I am not alone in my obsession – folks in the Peep subculture have been creating Peep dioramas for years now. The Washington Post even holds an annual competition with over 800 participants.

This Sex and The City entry gave me a chuckle:

And how about this take on Up! – Eep!

Love the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’ (“All I wanna say is that they don’t really peep about us”):

But Project Peepway has to be my favorite. Yes, that is a Tim Gunn (!) peep on the left there. (“Make it happen, peeple!”)

One day you’re in? The next? You’re peeped.

Are you guys as peep obsessed as I am? What about your Easter/Passover jewelry thoughts? How do you bejewel this holiday? Peep in!