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Time to dig out your peridot jewelry – August has arrived! We love this bright green birthstone, not only for its color, but also for its unique history. The famous Cleopatra often wore peridot to ward off evil, and these green gems were known in ancient Egypt as “gems of the sun.”

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How to Wear Peridot – the Birthstone for August

Get pretty in peridot with this sparkling lil’ gem known commonly as August’s birthstone. Known to bring the wearer peace, protection and attract love this calming green sparkler is just as fashionable as it is timeless. Take a look at our top favorite ways to wear peridot.

1. Cute & Classic…Studs are the perfect way to highlight your eyes and add an extra sparkle to your day. The cool and calming coloring of these peridot sparklers are an easy way to complete your look on a sophisticated note.

2. Desk-to-Dinner Dazzler…Wrapped in orbs of white sapphires, this peridot pendant lends a cool note of color to your neckline. Peridot pendants count as an especially glamorous gift for an August birthday.

3. Sizzle in Stackables…Stackable rings are a summer jewelry essential. Worn stacked or separate, these sets are easy to mix-and-match and wear from day into the evening. This super cute stackable lends a pop of peridot sparkle and gives our favorite August birthstone, a more fashion-forward twist.

4. Blingy & Beachy Keene…Bead necklaces are a fun way to welcome a little color onto your neckline with a unique, artisanal allure. Great for a summer bbq but even snazzy enough for a winter solstice soiree, this peridot bead necklace adds a fun accent that’s sure to win complements.

5. Fashion Jewelry Favorite…For those of us looking for more pizzazz, peridot gets our green light for adding the right amount of glamor to any fashion jewelry collection. Looking to top off your Labor Day whites? A peridot necklace like this one below will add the right amount of drama and dazzle!

Peridot: It’s So Easy Being Green

August birthday girls, you’ve got pretty peridot as your birthstone. Ever wonder what’s behind all the green glam? Here is some peridot history and lore to arm you with plenty of fun facts when you drop hints to the gift givers this year.


Peridot, the gem form of the mineral olivine, traces its jewelry roots back more than 3,500 years. It was first mined by the ancient Egyptians on the island of Zebargad in the Red Sea. Zebargad was known as the “serpent isle” because it was infested with snakes that interfered with mining activity until one Pharaoh finally had them all driven into the sea.

Found in various shades of green, peridot is most prized in lime hues. The Romans called peridot “evening emerald” because its green color was said to glow at night. The gem was also used to decorate medieval churches and was most likely carried back to Europe by the Crusaders. Large peridots of more than 200 carats in size adorn the shrine of the three magi at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Small crystals have been found in volcanic rock – in fact, Hawaiian legend called peridot the divine tears wept by Pele, goddess of the volcano. Samples of the gem also have been discovered in meteors that have fallen to earth.

The ancients believed that peridot had the power to ward off evil spirits, nightmares and enchantments. It was also used as a medical remedy to treat asthma and other ailments. Its power was considered most potent when the stone was set in gold. Peridot was also said to strengthen any medicine drunk from goblets carved from the stone.

Most of today’s peridot is mined by Native Americans on the Carlos Reservation in Arizona. It is also mined in Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Norway, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. A new deposit was discovered in Pakistan in 1994, yielding some of the finest peridot ever seen. Numerous fine, large crystals were discovered, including one stone of more than 300 carats.

Peridot’s relative affordability and lively green color has made it a popular substitute for those who cannot afford emeralds. The birthstone for August, peridot is also the recommended gem for couples celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

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The Jewelry Insider

May 22, 2008

If you haven’t got the green message yet – then let me reiterate – GO GREEN. Being green isn’t just about recycling or changing the lightbulbs. It’s not only hybrid cars or eco-friendly products – its far more simplier….. It’s simply about having some respect for what’s outside.

I certainly am not a green preacher. I admit, not all my lightbulbs are the ‘green’ friendly type. I try to recycle but fall short most of the time and sometimes the price of organic drives me back to the chemically altered mutant veggies. Going green is a process for most of us – its just one step at a time.
The green message though it filtering through into so many aspects of life. I mean, take a look at what people are wearing. It’s not only natural fibers, but natural colors such as white and beige and of course green, green, green.
Jewelry-wise most people think just of an emerald as a green gem. (Color-wise not eco-wise). But there are so many more; green sapphires, topaz, green diamonds, green amethyst, tzavorite, periodot and on and on.
So wear some green and take a step – you never know where it may lead.
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