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Name Your Own Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds always give us jewelry hounds the shivers (in a good way), and when one this big goes on the auction block? We’re talking ‘commotion’.

According to Luxist, a rare 10.11 carat orangy-pink diamond is causing a stir up in Canada and with good reason: it’s the most expensive diamond ever auctioned in the great land of the maple leaf. The pink gem  is estimated to bring in $2.5 million US and comes from the world-renowned Argyle mine in Australia (the producer of most of the world’s pink diamonds).


And the best part in my book? Whoever grabs the gem on October 3rd will get the honor of “naming” the stone for the record books.  What would you name it if it came into your grubby little hands, jewelry hounds?

I’m thinking: “The Pink Parker”… “The Parker Pink”…”Laura Parker’s Pink Perfection” “Can’t Touch This Perfect Pink Parker Purchase”….Ok. Quitting while I’m ahead…(too late?)

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