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Jewelry Trend Alert: Think Pink!

Jewelry color trends come and go like Paris Hilton’s sobriety. Last year, emerald green was all the rage after Angelina Jolie’s opulent Oscar appearance and this year everything’s coming up turquoise. But one shade is always in style – the hue forever synonymous with all things female…


Many jewelry lovers may think pink fine jewelry belongs to the rosy diamond fantasies of royal family tiaras and celebrity ring fingers (remember J-Lo’s pink diamond stunner from Ben Affleck 100 years ago?)

And while pink diamonds occur at price points that are significantly higher than most mortals can afford, there is an alternative:

Pink sapphires.

Most pink sapphire jewelry on the market today is like other must-have commodities in our lives (e.g. Splenda, Hostess products) – they don’t occur in nature. Instead, they are lab-created to mimic the conditions of a natural stone and color treated to generate the desired hue.

In other words, a top color, untreated, natural stone may cost you $20,000 per carat whereas the synthetic (lab created) piece costs about $0.50 per carat before cutting.

And the best part? Most folks don’t know the difference!

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite created pink sapphire styles from the super sample sale site, JewelClub. And as luck would have it, they just launched a ‘Think Pink’ discount of 15% off for a week, bless their hearts. (Use this special Access Code: INSIDER – to become a member)

Or you can shop from hundreds of pink sapphire styles on sister site, Jewelry.com.

I’m tickled pink by the possibilities! Are you?

The Jewelry Insider

May 25, 2008

At the New York premiere of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Indie’s other half looked surreally stunning in a delicate pink dress…..
Calista Flockheart has the ‘ethereal’ look down to a tee. Eschewing the bold colors seen of late, she stayed true to the more neutral shades that only a few can pull off. And she can.

A pair of pink sapphire earrings with a diamond splash would be the perfect accessory for such a delicate look. And, if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, what could be more perfect than a pink sapphire angel pendant like this one from Jewelry.com.