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June 1, 2010

Information, shopping tips and expert advice on a variety of promise rings. Learn all there is to know about the types, traditions and use of promise rings and find the one that will convey your deepest giving wishes to the one that is dear to your heart.

Promise RingsFor those sweet and special moments, when you know there is something you really wish to give something to someone you love – be it something material, emotional or spiritual – what you need is a promise ring.

Promise rings can be given for any type of promise between two people. It can be a romantic promise between two lovers, an embracing or supporting promise between parent and child, or a promise between two friends relating friendship, closeness and caring.

It is most important to be straight and direct about the promise you give to the receiver of the ring. It can be very sad and sorrowful for someone to read into a gift of a ring more than the giver had intended. If you engrave your promise or add a specific note to your gift, your loved ones will know exactly what you meant to give them, and their hearts will be filled with warmth and happiness every time their eyes meet the ring on their finger.

Promise rings come in any shape and color. Browse around our collection to choose the one suited for your needs. Whether it’s a diamond ring, a gold band or any ring with stones in different colors – the important thing is it will clearly say “I promise” from the deep of your heart, to the heart of that special someone.

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