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Jewelry Gifts for your Graduate

Ah graduation – that warm and fuzzy time when high schoolers break curfew for late-night keggers, and college grads realize their Liberal Arts degree gave them lots of debt and no job experience. Seriously, though, this rite of passage is an event that warrants an important gift to commemorate the occasion. So whether you’ve got an uber-achievor or a ‘scraped by with Cs’-type on your hands, it’s time they got a little bling to remind them that they no longer have to suffer through Chem class or BS their way through another essay question. Here are my top graduation jewelry gift ideas for the educated woman in your life (insert: me throwing my imaginary graduation cap Mary Tyler Moore-style.) 1. Diamond Studs: They’re like a good bra. Every woman needs them, and mom is usually the one who will shell out the bucks for ’em. 2. Right Hand Rings The ultimate expression of independence. She’ll have plenty of time to get a diamond on her left hand (stop hyperventilating). Celebrate her unique self with this empowering gift of diamonds. 3. Birthstone Bling Jewelry that celebrates the day she was born and the woman she is sure to become. Awwww… 4. Personal Pendant Is she leaving her favorite pet behind? Maybe she’d like a dog or cat pendant to keep them close to her heart? Or maybe she loves butterflies, frogs, pigs – whatever her passion let her know you know what makes her heart sing. And I know what makes your heart sing. Wholesale prices. A reminder that you have access to my favorite Friends and Family site, Jewel Club, for your graduation shopping spree. Use the code: INSIDER and gawk at the prices you won’t get anywhere else. Happy Shopping, and congrats to all the upcoming graduates out there!

Rihanna’s Ring Bling

Jewelry trends – from mood rings and circle pendants to tennis bracelets and statement necklaces – aren’t always easy to spot right away. Usually, they start with a celebrity (Like Oprah Winfrey and the diamond circle pendant). So as jewelry hounds are wont to do, I’ve been digging around for a celebrity jewelry trend that’s ready to break to the masses – and break big.

Enter Rihanna.
National Jeweler wisely pointed out earlier this year that the superstar has been wearing rings on every finger wherever she goes (the AMAs, The Woman of the Year Awards, what have you).

Not long after, I spotted the same trend on the Fall Ready-to-Wear runways – Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel offering for one. And at the Kids’ Choice Awards last weekend (often the perfect place to spot the next big thing), stars were ringing up like there was no tomorrow.

So I’m calling it. The latest big celebrity trend for the masses is: rings on every finger. You might not be able to wear the look at your next important Board Meeting or to defend your dissertation – but go for it with any casual or dressy ensemble, I’m thinking.

Time to dust off those long lost rings that haven’t seen the light of day in a while (mood rings included!). Troll the vintage shops, grandma’s jewelry box – and of course places like Jewelry.com and JewelClub (code: INSIDER) – for affordable, fun ring styles you can pile on like the tastemakers.

So what do you guys think of my proclamation? Am I on the right track? Would you wear this look -and if so – where? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

November 27, 2009

Black Friday deals are taking the country by storm this morning, and I’ve got the best way to get the most bang for your buck – without waking up at dawn and putting on your body armor.

JewelClub – my favorite Friends and Family jewelry site – is offering 25% off their WHOLESALE prices on 12 select items that’ll make anyone on your list jump for joy.

These are their lowest prices all year – so the sale won’t last long (only from today through Cyber Monday – November 30th).

So, check it:

This 1.5 carat diamond anniversary ring retailed at $5129. JewelClub normally offers it for $1380.47 but with the Black Friday Blowout discount it’s listed at only $1035. I’m not good at math, but that looks like over $4,000 (YES, THREE ZEROS) off the original price.


And that’s just the beginning. Get $800 diamond studs for under $200. A cultured Akoya (yes, Akoya) pearl strand for over $6,000 off (!!), a created ruby ensemble for under $50, a sapphire ring for over $500 off retail. You have to see to believe.

So visit JewelClub by clicking here, enter the secret code INSIDER and tick off the names on your shopping list with a smile on your face, a boost to your wallet – all without leaving your leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, jewelry hounds!

The Jewelry Insider

September 27, 2008

It’s true what the style hounds say: “It’s always fashion week somewhere in the world.” This week, the runways were working it in Milan where all eyes were on Italy’s most famous houses: Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. As usual, the runway fashions, jewelry looks, (and after parties) didn’t disappoint.

Donatella took things shorter, younger, and sweeter this season with a heart-themed line that sparkled in a series of chunky yellow-gold right hand rings and statement bangles. The 3-D heart shape formed by an open zipper found its way on her flirty short dresses – and even her handbags showed a little love. The days of tacky, gaudy Versace are decidedly (and thankfully) over. Bravo!

And while Donatella made a heartfelt showing, the D & G boys –as always – took things up a notch. The sleepwear-inspired line had oodles of satiny fabrics, mini-mouse sleeve silhouettes and jewelry that ranged from the big and bold to the bigger and bolder. Vintage brooches, statement chains and hairpieces littered the runway, adding just enough wattage to each look without putting them over the top.

Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and hubby, Marc Anthony, Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves, and supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova sat runway-side and were all VIP guests at the closing night party at the uber-exclusive restaurant, Gold. After dinner, guests were whisked away for a surprise performance of none other than Diana Ross in honor of Gabbana’s 50th birthday.

Apparently there really ain’t no mountain high enough for these fashion icons. And in case you’re worried about runway withdrawal, I have three words for you: Next week, Paris.