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Rihanna’s Ring Bling

Jewelry trends – from mood rings and circle pendants to tennis bracelets and statement necklaces – aren’t always easy to spot right away. Usually, they start with a celebrity (Like Oprah Winfrey and the diamond circle pendant). So as jewelry hounds are wont to do, I’ve been digging around for a celebrity jewelry trend that’s ready to break to the masses – and break big.

Enter Rihanna.
National Jeweler wisely pointed out earlier this year that the superstar has been wearing rings on every finger wherever she goes (the AMAs, The Woman of the Year Awards, what have you).

Not long after, I spotted the same trend on the Fall Ready-to-Wear runways – Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel offering for one. And at the Kids’ Choice Awards last weekend (often the perfect place to spot the next big thing), stars were ringing up like there was no tomorrow.

So I’m calling it. The latest big celebrity trend for the masses is: rings on every finger. You might not be able to wear the look at your next important Board Meeting or to defend your dissertation – but go for it with any casual or dressy ensemble, I’m thinking.

Time to dust off those long lost rings that haven’t seen the light of day in a while (mood rings included!). Troll the vintage shops, grandma’s jewelry box – and of course places like Jewelry.com and JewelClub (code: INSIDER) – for affordable, fun ring styles you can pile on like the tastemakers.

So what do you guys think of my proclamation? Am I on the right track? Would you wear this look -and if so – where? Weigh in!