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January 20, 2011

Update to original post of September3, 2010): Well, it’s official. Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged, according to People.The vintage(?) diamond ring I spotted on her back in September must have been the real deal. Seems a little fast if you ask me. Hmmm…

Call me crazy, but that is, indeed, a diamond on Kat Von D’s ring finger, right?

The heavily-inked artist was out in LA celebrating both the opening of her new gallery, Wonderland, and her new relationship with Sandra Bullock’s lying, cheating ex – Jesse James – when photogs snapped a few close-up shots of what appears to be a lovely vintage diamond engagement ring.

While it’s no surprise the tattooed twosome found some things in common, they only started dating a month ago – and James’ heavily covered cheating scandal still smells like a rat.

But – hey. To each their own.

So far, they say they are just dating. But when People asked Von D if James is ‘The One”, she told the mag, “I believe he is, so yeah.”


What do you guys think? Is this a fashion ring or the real deal? Wonder what Sandra thinks of her ex’s new gal pal?

Chelsea Clinton’s Engagement Ring

(Update, April 27, 2010: Chelsea Clinton’s diamond engagement ring photos are finally making the rounds. See for yourselves, jewelry hounds!)

Jewelry hounds, I’m shocked, sickened and – well – wondering if there is a man left in America who doesn’t text strippers when their wives aren’t looking. If Jesse James finds it necessary to cheat on Sandra friggin Bullock, it makes it hard to get excited about anyone wanting to find eternal bliss.

But just when the dark clouds began to take over my mood today, this ray of sunshine crossed my path:

Chelsea Clinton’s engagement ring was spotted!

Apparently the diamond rock drew a crowd backstage at this weekend’s Women in the World: Stories & Solutions conference. According to the New York Post, Clinton was surrounded in the green room by host Tina Brown, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, who all admired her bauble from fiancé Marc Mezvinsky.

Chelsea’s future mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, was repeatedly asked, “Where are they getting married?” But she politely replied, “I can’t say.”

What I’m asking is: What’s the carat count Chels!?!

I’ll be on the lookout for the first photos, so stay tuned. What’s your guess? It drew gasps from the uber-wealthy Barry Diller, so I’m thinking 3 plus carats? Or is that too over the top for the normally understated First Daughter?

(And now back to sitting shiva for Sandra…Sigh.)

Weigh in!

Oscar Jewelry Fashion – Is Less More?

Jewelry fashion and Oscar – they usually go hand in hand, right? But as I expected, jewelry hounds, there wasn’t an Angelina Jolie emerald moment to speak of on the Oscar red carpet this year. My lower jaw didn’t drop once, truth be told.

The big trend we jewelry bloggers agreed on appears to be the ‘less is more’ minimal earring look to complement the statement dress. From Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive to Sandra Bullock in metallic Marchesa – the A-list worked the ‘wow’ factor with bejeweled dresses that could only support a small earring or a layered cuff in the ice department.

Sarah Jessica Parker worked Chanel Couture – with built-in diamond necklace bling. Cameron Diaz rocked gold bejeweled Oscar de la Renta with simple circles on the ears. And everyone from nominees Anna Kendrick and Mo’nique to awards season starlets, Diane Kruger and Amanda Seyfried, sported just a splash of diamonds to make their Oscar debut.

(insert rasping gasp for air here)

To make up for the diamond draught, we jewelry hounds had to turn to our gaudy goddess, Mimi, who sported 43 carats of Chopard diamonds on the ears, and the ageless Helen Mirren, who carried 125 Chopard carats around her neck.

The night’s big award winners are still unkown, but the jewelry champs in my book are Kate Winslet in a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace and Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab Houte Cuture and statement chandelier earrings. Nicely done.

More jewelry dish tomorrow. But for now? Back to the champagne.

Will the Oscars be a Snorefest?

It’s what we jewelry hounds wait for all year – the Oscar red carpet coverage on E!

I love every minute of it – from Guiliana Rancic’s inappropriate use of ‘honey’ with A-listers, dames and sirs alike (Helen Mirren? Run don’t walk) to Seacrest’s cleavage-staring interviews. I will miss the wild card Kathy Griffin coverage – but I suppose I can wait for the Joan Rivers roundup this year to give me a good guffaw.

But I’ve gotta tell you, I’m a little worried at the potential for a serious snorefest this year. Avatars are replacing Angelina. There’s no Brad/Jen red carpet bump-in to anticipate. And while Mo’Nique and Anna Kendrick are certainly worthy nominees – they just don’t generate the excitement of, say, an Anne Hathaway or a Kate Hudson on the red carpet.

Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock are both stunners, but we’ve so ‘been there done that’ all year with them, I’ve got to admit – I’m feeling a little bored with both.

So who is left that’s going to bust out with the bling this year? What ingenues are going to give us a good Gwynnie moment? Kristen Stewart will be too busy brooding with her black eyeliner. Inglorious Basterds’, Diane Kruger, is a possibility – but she doesn’t have the A-list star power to make a huge impact like, say a ‘Julia’ or a ‘Nicole’ did back in the day.

Perhaps I should be happy with the possibility of the first woman getting Best Director or the adorable Gabourey Sidibe living out her dream – but a jewelry hound needs her diamond drama at the Oscars! I’m afraid this year I might have to double down on the champagne to get the giddys.

What do you all predict? Weigh in!

Don’t forget to Tweet with me during the red carpet on Sunday if you’re in to multi-tasking! And stay tuned for all the follow-up coverage here and on Jewelry.com all next week.

The Jewelry Insider

January 7, 2010

It wasn’t a jewelry blow-out like we diamond-obsessed folks hope for, but The People’s Choice Awards did reveal some classy jewels, new color trends and a peak at awards show glamour-to -come.

Winter white, strapless cocktail frocks and one-shoulder gowns were the fashion trends that emerged (kindof a snore, but classic). A-list staples (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) mixed with the up-and-comers (T-Swift, Ginnifer Goodwin, etc.) – and Mariah Carey provided yet another cringe-worthy appearance complete with an unwalkable gown choice, diamond overload and rambling nonsense in the guise of an acceptance speech.

Nick Cannon? Make it stop.

Jewelry style was appealing and uneventful – with Tarji P. Henson providing the night’s biggest lower jaw drop moment: a gemstone cocktail ring the size of a hockey puck. Love the color. Love the gown. Love it all.

Who wore your favorite look of the night? Sandra Bullock in a nude Vivienne Westwood number with barely there jewels? Taylor Swift in winter white and Neil Lane? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

August 27, 2009

Despite Sandra Bullock’s A-list status, jewelry, fashion and taste were not present and accounted for at her All About Steve premiere in Los Angeles last night.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Sandy Bullock, in spite of her giving us the Miss Congeniality franchise and a few other clunkers. And until recently, she generally showed off her tasteful fashion sense in age-appropriate gowns with classic jewelry and a sense of fun thrown in for good measure.

So I have one question: What happened to you last night, Sandy?

This Lanvin dress is just all kinds of wrong, made even worse by (gasp!) ankle boots and a bedhead hairstyle that just isn’t red carpet-worthy. The jewelry is non-existent – just some simple diamond drop earrings – and to make matters worse, her bad fashion vibe trickled down to most of the other choices on the carpet like some primordial ooze contaminating everything in its path.

Actress, Beth Grant, graced us with a hideous Mrs. Roper-esque mumu with layered pearl strands that made a busy look even busier. And, I’m sorry, but this onyx and diamond jewelry statement on Luelle is just gaudy, doll, not glamorous.

The horror. The horror.

Bullock’s co-star, Bradley Cooper, was the only saving grace from what I can gather, showing up in a simple suit and a winning smile. Let’s hope their film is better than the garments and gems that showed up to celebrate it.

I think it’s best we just turn the page.