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The Jewelry Insider

August 5, 2009

It’s early August and my celebrity jewelry sightings are about as rare as Jon & Kate-less magazine cover. Shining amidst the jewelry blight are a few star-studded events, a premiere here and there and an occasional fundraiser – but it’s been slim pickins, jewelry hounds. My apologies.

To give us a good shot in our bauble arm, I thought I’d round up a few pics from the last few weeks. There are a few bright spots, but for the most part – it’s dull, drab, and downright dowdy.

Starting on a high note, The Ugly Truth premiere in London this week brought out a stunning Katherine Heigl in green Naeem Kahn and yellow gold earrings with what appear to be either citrine or lemon quartz briolettes – a lovely accent to a dress that would make anyone green with envy.

Especially with Gerard Butler on your arm.

A resurgent Anne Heche looked lovely in Dolce & Gabbana at the Spread premiere in a vintage pearl and gold ensemble that matched the tone of the dress nicely.

Not so resurgent, lovely or nice is Medium’s, Patricia Arquette, who just isn’t cutting it with this statement necklace (How sick are we of statement necklaces, already? Weigh in!).

And finally, I give you one Courtney Love – who looks less and less like the Courtney we all tolerated back in her 90s hey dey. She may be rock and roll to her core, but the once fashionable Oscar-nominee has fallen far from the sartorial stature she once owned on the red carpet. I dare you to wear anything but black and layered chains, Courtney. You can do it, sister.

Clearly I’m cranky. Forgive me. But if the Teen Choice Awards and the Daytime Emmys are the only events I have to look forward to until Fall Fashion Week, I deserve a little whine space.

What do you guys of think of my picks? You like Katherine’s look? How about Courtney? Why did I strangely choose all blondes? Have I missed anyone this summer worth highlighting? Help!

Jewelry Makes a Statement in Paris

It’s my favorite jewelry fashion time of year – the Paris Haute Couture Shows. And while this go-round has not delivered the Christian Lacroix craziness that lit up the runways last year, there are some serious statements worth coveting.

Dior did diamonds in flowers and bows, and pearls in both black and white and ‘bigger means better’ silhouettes.

Armani kept the statement necklace trend going strong with grey, metallic, chunky looks that must have weighed more than a newborn.

Valentino used headpieces as his accessory du jour, with stunning lace looks that oozed style and sophistication.

And gold kept glittering at the Givency and Christian Lacroix shows (a sad showing since this will be his last Couture collection due to financial issues).

And Fashion Week isn’t over yet! The stars are still arriving and the catwalks still cracking with fashion that you can’t even afford in your dreams. But what’s a jewelry fantasy without a dash of inaccessibility, right?

Stay tuned for more couture coverage, and check out a complete album of stunning jewelry looks fresh from Paris on Jewelry.com’s Facebook page.

Drool, dream and covet, jewelry hounds!

The Jewelry Insider

May 11, 2009

The diamond divas came out to shine at the Washington Correspondents Dinner this weekend, but no one glam-ed it up more than the Divine Mrs. O in a shock of color and a hunk of jewels.

Gone are the pearls and pant suits of First Ladies past. Obama is bringing in bright colors, brooch bling and bare arms that have the fashion world buzzing – including her own husband, who poked fun at his wife’s toned appendages during his side-splitting dinner speech.

“She’s even begun to bridge the differences that have divided us for so long, because no matter which party you belong to we can all agree that Michelle has the right to bare arms.”

Who doesn’t love a Presidential pun, right?

While I know that Michael Kors is responsible for Michelle’s pretty-in-pink floor-length dress, I’m still on the look-out for the designer of her flowery statement necklace (Twitterers, any hints?).

There are two jewelry designers the First Lady has often leaned on to make her look pop: Loree Rodkin, who supplied the diamonds for the Inauguration Festivities, and the eccentric California artist, Tom Binns, who designed the huge pearl and crystal look she dazzled us with at the first formal White House dinner in February.

What do you guys think of her sense of style? Shiny and bright? Or too over-the-top?

Fashion Week Channels Eighties Glam

New York Fashion Week isn’t as glitzy this year. The party circuit is slower, the shows not as production-heavy, the front rows not as star-studded, but thankfully the fashion is more than making up for the overall feeling of economic malaise.

Metallics, statement necklaces and purples are still in – but the hottest new look has to be the return to eighties glam. Think New York dance clubs circa 1983. And no one is channeling that “Duran Duran meets Dynasty” look better than (who else?) Mr. Marc Jacobs.

Last season he gave us suffragist chic, this season it’s Simon Le Bon meets Pat Benetar. Metallics, neon jewelry, shoulder pads, space make up and crimpy hair littered the Jacobs catwalk.

“I was thinking about the good old days in New York,” he said after the show, “when getting dressed up was such a joy.”

Not far behind the nostalgia-filled bandwagon is Betsy Johnson, who gave up her runway cartwheel this time for an intimate show in one of her stores. If Cyndi Lauper (or Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink for you die-hards) isn’t the inspiration for this leggings and tutu-filled offering, I’ll eat my Men Without Hats cassette.

So for you newcomers to bangled arms, lace tights and leg warmers, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. And for us old school veterans? Maybe it’s time to dust off the day-glo.

What do you guys think?

The Jewelry Insider

February 11, 2009

GOOP guru and Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow glittered in gold for the Entertainment Industry Fund’s “Unforgettable Evening” gala benefiting women’s cancer research last night. Her beaded gold necklace added just the right amount of sparkle to a stunning cream Balmain jacket over a Calvin Klein dress. And her ‘barely there’ make-up was the perfect complement. Bravo!

I’ve been cursing Miss Gywnnie for peer-pressuring me into trying those Tracey Anderson work-out DVDs (my calves have been burning for weeks!), but this ensemble puts her back in my good graces. Who needs to walk without limping?

Statement necklaces are holding steady as a red carpet trend, and gala performer, Beyonce, rocked a black-beaded interpretation for last night’s festivities. And her domed gemstone and black diamond earrings and cocktail ring gave her Jean-Paul Gaultier LBD a much-needed splash of color.

Also making a statement was Rita Wilson in a Lanvin crystal flower necklace with both a pearl strand and a gold chain. As did gal-pal Kate Capshaw, who livened up her basic black with the ubiquitous layered gold chain look (you can spot ‘em on every carpet).

Overall, it was a classy carpet showing for a very worthy charity. I could use some charitable vibes, actually, as I hobble my way through life from my permanent dance aerobics injuries.

Thanks, Paltrow. Thanks a lot.

Jewelry Explodes in Paris

The Paris couture shows are taking the runways by storm this week, and while folks generally take a gander at the often-outrageous looks and wonder who on earth would ever wear such nonsense, I find couture gawking the perfect indulgence – especially in these trying times. It’s like rolling around in a vat of Cherry Garcia or having that third – ok fourth – margarita.

So imagine my dismay when I came across the Karl Lagerfeld show for Chanel. It’s all white. It’s suit skirts. It’s a jewelry wasteland. Of course there were fabulously intricate white hats that dazzled the well-heeled crowd, but I’m not in the mood for white right now, Karl. This economy blows. I’m no longer getting my hair highlighted. I want an escape, not a reminder of how bland life is now that I’m off the $4 lattes.






Thankfully, Christian Lacroix is my new ‘white’ knight in shining couture. Not only are there colors exploding all over his catwalk, but the jewelry is an over-the-top display of decadence the likes of which I’ve never seen before. It’s like going down a bauble-filled rabbit hole on crack.









Dinner plate-sized hoop earrings, stacks of mismatched lacquer and crystal cuffs, multiple layerings of giant necklaces, gilded heart-shaped lockets, faux fronds of coral, beaded everything but the kitchen sink… Clearly, words don’t do the show justice, but Style.com’s reviewer comes close:

“(The show) was a pleasure to witness and something to be inspired by. Even if only the very few will own a part of this collection, there’s an idea in there for every fashion watcher: If you’ve got jewelry, it’s time to bring it out and try piling it on all at once.”






So perhaps we mere mortals can take a lesson from the ivory tower of runway fashion. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Anything goes. If you’ve still got those rubber bangles from the 80s, put ’em on with your diamond necklace and that beaded choker you’re afraid to wear for fear it makes you look ‘easy’.

I may be getting a little couture-crazed, but if you don’t want to scare the neighbors, you at least have to get the full effect of the Lacroix jewelry dreamscape by checking out the dizzying pics on Style.com. And be sure to pair your viewing with a nice pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk. You’ll thank me for it later.

Bawdy Bling at Burberry

There was something in the air last night at the Burberry party in Beverly Hills. And it had nothing to do with dazzling jewelry fashion. Maybe the ghost of fashion critic, Richard Blackwell, was haunting the red carpet, but we were shocked to see beauties like Kate Hudson and Maria Bello totally miss the mark.


Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey and photographer Mario Testino, hosted the evening, which celebrated the British fashion icon’s new LA location.

“We’re very excited about launching our brand in such an iconic city,” said Bailey, who conceived the design. “This store has an entirely new concept that differs from our other locations. There are new materials, open spaces, fixtures, lighting, and an energy in the store that we think will really translate well to our customers.”

And while you can’t go wrong with a Burberry trench coat, you can definitely shank it with that wacko headdress looking necklace thing, Maria Menoudos. And Maria Bello? The statement necklace should say ‘luxury’ not ‘lobster bib’. Same with you Perrey Reeves.

We will give it up for actress, Mena Suvari, who looked stunning in diamond hoops and a long black chain-link necklace. And there is something about that gold Scorpio pendant worn by Lady Victoria Hervey that works with her soft style.


But Kate Hudson’s green(ish) frock? Where is Richard Blackwell when you need him?


Paris Goes to London

Designer clothes, jewelry and a rock and roll circus – seems the perfect recipe to lure Hollywood ‘It’ girls out of their luxurious lairs. Edgy clothing label, Diesel xXx, came up with the winning combination by hosting what they called “the biggest international party the world has ever seen.” It’s no surprise, then, that Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other celebs took the bait.

The party started in Tokyo and continued on to Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Helsinki, London and Sao Paulo with a grand finale in New York City.

Whew! Even my head is spinning…

We found Paris in London of all places, doing her best Joan Jett impression with a goth-y necklace and a blonde bff as her two most prominent accessories.

Lindsay showed up in Brooklyn with a black and white diamond ring, layered diamond pendants and a series of gold bangles and cuffs. Former Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, rocked a vintage onyx statement necklace and Taylor Momsen and rock royalty, Zoe Kravitz, wore a series of beaded necklaces, gold chains, and bangles.

Inspired by the old European traveling circuses of yesteryear, the Diesel xXx “Rock and Roll Circus” featured theatrical circus elements including cabaret, fire eaters, trapeze artists, sword swallowing, female roller derby squads and a Mash Up-inspired concert featuring performances by T.I., Pharrell, M.I.A., Hot Chip and Chaka Khan.

Seems like a lot of work to get folks to buy your jeans.

The Jewelry Insider

October 1, 2008

The runways in New York, London and Milan have spoiled us this season with big, bawdy jewelry statements that are downright gawk-worthy. Paris, on the other hand, is a ghost town in the bling department. To compensate, designers have apparently decided to put the gasp in headwear so spectacular any other accessory would be relegated to second-class citizen. And well, that’s just not where we want our jewelry now, is it?

Commes des Garcons models wore white wigs so large, Marie Antoinette herself would take a topple. Junya Watanabe’s line used cornucpia-sized head pieces to highlight his African prints and contrast his comfy criss-cross sandals. Icon Vivienne Westwood contributed her signature style to the beach hat genre and Yohji Yamamoto featured big black and white futuristic looks with his calm palettes.

Dior did come to our rescue with a line featuring statement necklaces, earrings and cuffs using what appears to be Buddha-inspired statues throughout. The clothes themselves didn’t hit high marks with the critics, but this jewelry hound was glad to see at least a little glitter where it belongs. This is the city of lights after all.

The week isn’t over yet, of course, so there are plenty more opportunities for designers to show us some diamonds, some gemstones, some gold – anything we can sink our teeth into. I can’t imagine we’ll see a complete dearth of the bling, but if these head strong Parisians don’t belly up?…I’ll eat my hat.

The Jewelry Insider

September 7, 2008

Jewelry hounds, it’s been a busy weekend. With Fashion Week kicking off in New York on Friday, and MTV’s Video Music Awards tonight, we’re suffering from a serious case of whiplash. The good news is – the party circuit and the red carpet are buzzing with THE jewelry look we’ve been tracking for you already.

Delicate chains and tasteful studs – move over! Big, beefy, gaudy, and loud are making their mark. The must-have fall trend is (of course) the statement costume necklace, and we caught the look all over the place.

Elie Tahari featured it on the runway for his Spring 2009 collection (hint: the trend has legs for next season), Charlize Theron rocked it at the Fashion Rocks event at Radio City Music Hall, Rachel Hunter wore it to Justin Timberlake’s highly anticipated William Rast show, and Blake Lively used it to make her unfortunate green jumpsuit feel like it made sense somehow at Miss Sixty.

But where to find this must-have for fall if you don’t have a tent pass or a personal stylist? Easy. Vintage and thrift stores should get a lot of traffic this season. So should your grandmother’s jewelry box. But don’t forget to track down local jewelry designers, who are using everything from beads and plastic to crystals and precious gemstones to put their unique stamp on the look.

Sorry, Anna and Leon. It looks like jewelry’s fashion forward belongs to the people this year!

Stay tuned for more runway reports and a VMA fashion round up! She’s baaaaccckkk.