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The Jewelry Insider

November 12, 2009

Diamonds? Rubies? Emeralds? Gold? If you’re Taylor Swift, you don’t need any of those tired old ways to bring on the bling. Nope.

You just need sparkly dresses.

In the always quotable words of ubiquitous stylist Rachel Zoe, that Taylor Swift sure does ‘love herself a sequin’. From Oprah to SNL, the teen sensation is swirling in a such a sequined swath of good fortune even Cher would draw the shades. In fact, I was so convinced she would turn up in a metallic sequined number at the CMAs last night, I didn’t even watch. And of course – I was right.

Maybe I’m just a little bitter. Who wouldn’t want a great career singing navel-gazing songs from your own diary, a post-Kanye adoring public, a Twilight-er for a boyfriend, a surprisingly smooth SNL hosting gig and a closet full of sparkly, sequined minis and black boots?

And sweeping the CMAs away from the likes of (gasp!) Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and all the other country staples last night? Well, that was the shining cherry on top of the syrupy sweet sequined sundae, now wasn’t it?

With the holiday season drawing near, I can only imagine the sequined wonderland that awaits us. Maybe Santa will give Rudolph the night off and use Swifty to light his way? Or Dick Clark could ditch the glowing ball schtick and just drop Taylor into Times Square?

Just a thought…

The Jewelry Insider

September 14, 2009

Before I get to the jewelry fashion and the Kanye West outburst during the MTV Video Music Awards last night, I’d like to just take a moment to reflect on what I thought was – by far – the best part of the night.

MTV isn’t always known to be a class act, and the VMAs is certainly not the place to go looking for it, but whoever was in charge of producing the opening Michael Jackson dance tribute ought to get some kind of award.

Who doesn’t remember running to the TV everytime an MJ video would come on – from Thriller to Beat it?And we ran because we wanted to see those synchronized dance numbers, right? And if it wasn’t Michael it was his sister, Janet, who carried the torch.

Well, for those of you who are square in my demographic – here is a link to the thing.The dancers were amazing – and the Janet Jackson finale was a great way to top it off. I teared up all the way through. It’s not the same as seeing it live, I’m sure, but you’ll get the idea.Nicely done, VMAS.

Now, on to the fashion. First of all, if I see another starlet in a metallic mini dress I’m going to hurl. Enough, already! And Pink and Shakira showed up wearing the same friggin’ one! They are cool, sure, but someone think outside the box, will you?

Diamonds simply dripped from Beyonce, who wore $1 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry; Taylor Swift showed in the same designer’s diamonds and a stunning beaded Kaufman Franco gown, and the third part of this ill-fated trio, Kanye West, just accessorized with his girlfriend in an unfortunate jumpsuit.

So by now, you’ve all heard about how Mr. West took it upon himself to interrupt Taylor Swift’s wispy acceptance speech to lament the fact that Beyonce didn’t win for Best Female Video. I’m thinking Beyonce will be just fine without yet another award in her trophy case (she won the night’s top prize for the video anyway).

In other words, let well enough alone, Kanye.MTV is a corporate juggernaut out primarily to promote big stars (including yourself), not to make fine-tuned artistic statements. If getting a Moon Man was the same as winning the Pulitzer, maybe he’d have more of a point. Maybe he didn’t get hugged enough as a child?

Thoughts?On any of this diamond-filled drama?

Stay tuned for Fashion Week updates as the week progresses! I love this time of year!

The Jewelry Insider

June 17, 2009

There’s not much else to say about rapper, T Pain’s, latest jewelry statement that the diamond mega-chain doesn’t actually say itself.

Other than, “What recession?”

The rapper bought the 197-carat diamond dazzler for a mere $410,000 and debuted the piece at the Summer Jam concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey according to MTV.

“I just figured I had to shut down something, some part of the game,” Pain said. “I thought I did it with Auto-Tune, and so I guess I gotta do it with jewelry … just show ’em where the money’s comin’ from. You know what I’m sayin’?”

Mr. Pain., the money is most definitely coming from you.

T-Pain also shocked fans by appearing (with said Big Ass Chain) in a video with country music phenom, Taylor Swift (aka T-Swizzle), during the CMT Awards last night. An unlikely duo, but one that was actually quite cute. The softer side of T Pain, if you will…

If you want to see more Taylor Swift CMT style, check out the jewelry fashion wrap-up on Jewelry.com. Big Ass Chains, blondes and bling. Oh my.

The Jewelry Insider

April 10, 2009

Tween sensation, Miley Cyrus, has a little movie coming out today in case you’ve been living in a cave, and the marketing budget leading up to the debut probably equaled the GDP of most developing nations.

The Hannah Montana star attended three premieres, the ACMA awards, and many of the early morning shows – and her jewelry style has been fun, fresh and littered with gold along the way.

Miley loves to layer her chains, and yellow gold appears to be her metal of choice. Stacked bangles are also a trademark look and tasteful statement earrings make their mark when there is a more elegant event on the agenda.

While there has been controversy surrounding the age-appropriateness of Miley’s choices in the past (the infamous Vanity Fair photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz, her 20-year-old boyfriend), it’s refreshing to see the star steer well clear of the Britney/Lolita syndrome. It’s just not what her brand is all about.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m glad young girls have a role model who isn’t catering to the fantasies of emotionally stunted men by wearing school girl uniforms, loads of diamonds, pounds of make up and belly baring costumes.

There’s plenty of time for that later.

And jewelry looks for this generation – including Taylor Swift and the High School Musical set – never seem to take things to Paris Hilton levels. There is bling and there is bling.

So even though I’m just as sick of seeing Miley or Hannah or whatever her name is as the rest of adult America, it’s nice to see that overexposed in her case doesn’t have to mean her body too.

Am I right? Or do I need to loosen up?

The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2009

The 2009 Grammy Awards brought us glittering diamond divas, gauche attempts at rock and roll glamour and gasp-worthy no-shows. Whitney Houston presented without slurring her words, Rhianna dropped out because boyfriend, Chris Brown, is in trouble with the law, and Paula Abdul showed up in a gown worthy of the lido deck on the Starship Enterprise – if it had a lido deck.

Just another day in the life of the music industry.

Lucky for us, musicians love to flaunt the ice, and the Los Angeles Staples Center was frozen over with it. Teen sensations and BFFs, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, looked all grown up in classic black. Taylor wore a floor-length Kaufman Franco number with Lorraine Schwartz brown diamonds, and Miley matched her moxy with black Max Azaria and Mimi So diamond danglers. Keep it up, ladies.

Grammy winner and heart warmer, Jennifer Hudson, wore square diamond dangle earrings and a matching bracelet that worked much better than the Roland Mouret dress that said ‘dinner napkin’ more than dazzle. And fellow American Idol, Fantasia rocked the ice on every surface from designers, H. Stern and First Lady-favorite, Loree Rodkin.

Not to be outdone was Katy Perry in H. Stern six-stone princess-cut diamond drop earrings, a diamond Sofia bangle bracelet and an H. Stern floral diamond Right Hand. Keyshia Cole brought out the big guns with her Damiani diamond statement necklace, and the wattage winner has to be my new favorite singing obsession, Adele, in over 30 carats of Stephen Russell diamonds. Take that Amy Winehouse!
Metallics made their usual appearance on a sequined Gwenyth Paltrow in Versace and Chopard, Grammy-winner Carrie Underwood wearing Zuhair Murad and Jonathan Arndt diamond drops , Lee Ann Rhimes in Philosophy and Bleeding Love chanteuse, Leona Lewis in Rhandi Rahm.

But what is a Grammy red carpet without the shenanigans – a.k.a. “The Courtney Love” factor? You just never know what’s going to come at you when musicians on medication dress themselves. This year the big winner is rapper, M.I.A., who busted out with bad roots, a baby bump and a Manish Arora dress that defied explanation.

While the look might not be as shocking as the Lil’ Kim doily episode at the MTV Music Awards (or the Bjork Oscar swan), combine it with the aforementioned Paula Abdul disaster, throw in a dash of trash from Paris, and add the My Favorite Martian choice from Estelle – and we may have us a red carpet catastrophe worthy of a Courtney Love MySpace rant.





You gotta love the Grammys.

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