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The Jewelry Insider

March 15, 2011

(Note: My original report of a 3-carat center stone $90,000 ring was a bit off. Turns out the diamond carat-count totals 3 carats for all diamonds and the cost is about $50,000. Still – a gorgeous ring that will likely go back to the producers once the honeymoon’s over.)

Oh, Brad. You may have picked the perfect Neil Lane diamond engagment ring – but it looks like your leading lady, Emily Maynard, might not stick around for a walk down the aisle.  Before we get to all that, the good news:

The ring was apparently the most expensive in the show’s history – a $50,000 show-stopper accented with 263 round brilliant-cut diamonds around a “romantic” central cushion-cut diamond for a grand total of 3 carats.

Here are some blurry screen shots too for your gawking pleasure from Small Screen Scoop:

But will the rock stay on Emily’s ring finger? After watching their crazy uncomfortable appearance on the After The Rose show amid confessions of a ‘rough couple of months’ – I give it another news cycle.

According to PopEater, it’s already over.

“Emily is so insecure, she just isn’t cut out for all the fame and attention her relationship is under,” a show insider told PopEater’s Rob Shuter. “The six weeks of shooting the show in paradise was easy, away from prying eyes and photographers, but since they both returned to their normal lives things have been a disaster.”

What do you think of the ring? Their chances? The fact that we continue to root for true love despite knowing we’re being manipulated by folks hoping for their shot at the D-list? Sigh.

“The Bachelor” Engagement Ring Scoop

The Bachelor franchise has something going for it other than manufacturing doomed marriages for the sake of its deluded viewers (including yours truly). It has Neil Lane.

The celebrity designer has bedazzled the ring fingers of many blushing Bachelor brides-to-be and Bachelorettes since the show’s inception 800 years ago. (Ok. 15 years ago)

According to StyleList, Lane personally globe-trots with a case of his vintage-inspired diamonds to help the reality show’s stars handpick the rings that are part of the dramatic final rose ceremonies.

On the Season 15 finale airing tonight, hunky Texan Brad Womack will either offer single mom Emily Maynard or sultry siren Chantal O’Brien the final rose and the Neil Lane diamond stunner – which in previews appears to be a cushion-cut stone with pave accents.

Lane has bejeweled every celebrity under the sun  – from Jessica Simpson’s ruby engagement ring to Reese Witherspoon’s emerald earrings at this year’s Oscars. But his diamonds are the most drool-worthy – which is why Kay Jewelers offers a line of Neil Lane bridal designs at price points mere mortals can afford.

“My rings used to be aspirational, but now they’re attainable”, he tells StyleList about the Kay partnership.

A ring from “The Bachelorette” in 2010. Photo courtesy: Neil Lane Archives

As for tonight’s lucky lady? No one gets to keep the rock unless the relationship ends in a marriage that lasts longer than two years. So in other words? It’s a Neil Lane loaner until she gets a gig on Dancing With The Stars.Stay tuned!

The Bachelor Crowns a New Princess

How do I suffer for diamonds? Let me count the ways – not the least of which is having to sit through The Bachelor finale just to get a glimpse of the rock the dude chose for his soon-to-be- ex-pseudo-fiancee.

Celebrity fav, Neil Lane, is the jeweler of choice for this series – contributing diamond rings for wedded wannabes season after season. This time, the princess-cut won the day.

Bachelor hunk, Jake Pavelka, chose a 2-carat princess-cut diamond to bedazzle his beloved Vienna, with 70 smaller stones surrounding the setting. Not too shabby.

According to Jewelry.com, the ‘princess cut’ is called a square or rectangular modified brilliant in many diamond laboratory grading reports, as it combines the brilliance of a round cut with an overall square or rectangular shape.

Former Bachelorette Deann Pappas chose this cut for her reality show bling, and other celebs like Kendra Wilkinson can be seen with princess-cut diamonds radiating from their ring fingers.

What do you guys think about Jake’s choice (in diamonds and faux fiancee)? A princess for a princess?

The Jewelry Insider

March 3, 2009

Single dad and The Bachelor star, Jason Mesnick, may have broken some hearts on the show’s finale yesterday, but he darn well gave America a night to remember.

So. To recap. Jason told wide-eyed scrapbook maker, Molly Malaney, to get lost, got on bended knee, and presented the hand-crafted Neil Lane marquise-cut whopper to the perky, kid-friendly, not-as-career-minded Melissa Rycroft. Tears were shed, unrealistic fairy-tale dreams came true, and the show ended with a celebratory jump in the New Zealand resort pool with Jason’s cloying plot device, I mean, adorable son in tow.

Cut to: the After The Rose recap show. It’s six weeks later. Jason has CHANGED HIS MIND! He disses poor perky Melissa in front of millions, she gives back the ring – and then the bloke sheepishly asks a stunned Molly for another shot.

For anyone who has been dumped, and dumped royally, watching this car crash was about as fun as a double root canal. But you can’t fault the guy for following his putrid little heart, I suppose. Crikey.

So on to more important matters. What do you guys think about a jilted Melissa giving the engagement ring back? And more importantly, do you think it is OK for Jason to give it to Molly, should they beat the odds and actually last more than a few weeks?

If we are to ignore what are probably reams of legal documents from the show’s producers detailing exactly who does own the ring – legally, the ring does not actually belong to Melissa. It was given to her under the auspices of a ‘contract of marriage’, and it is hers to keep only if said marriage takes place. And well, we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

At a $58,000 price tag, she would have forgotten about the debacle a LOT quicker if she could at least just cash in her diamond chips and buy, say, a new condo. But, alas.

But, she did the right thing in my book and gave the diamond back without any more drama. To whom exactly remains to be seen. To Jason? The show’s producers? But should Jason get on bended knee again, would Melissa want to be presented with the very same diamond he decided NOT to give her the first time around? What do you guys think?

So much diamond drama to discuss…

Part two of the After The Rose Ceremony airs tonight at 10pm. And, yeah, I’ll be watching. Root canals are the new Oscars.