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The Jewelry Insider

September 22, 2009

Jewelry hounds, admit it: We like to gawk at gaffs on the red carpet. From Paula Abdul’s unfortunate turn at the Grammys (and OK – the 2008 Almas) to the misplaced pants suit (Jennifer Aniston? That means you!), I am certainly guilty of letting my horror get the better of

That’s why I am LOVING TLC’S latest contest. In celebration of its 250th episode, TLC’s WHAT NOT TO WEAR is going on a nationwide search for the Worst Dressed American, and for the very first time in the history of the show, viewers will be in charge of nominating the worst fashion victim ever.

Mirroring a typical WHAT NOT TO WEAR episode, Stacy and Clinton will visit the chosen victim’s hometown and interview her loved ones. But with an ambush on a much grander scale and a makeover like no other, the overall transformation for this victim will be the most dramatic one viewers have ever seen on the show. The show will air in January 2010.

TLC is still accepting nominations until the 25th. For details, please visit:

In the meantime? I would love to hear about your favorite fashion faux pas. You can reference someone famous, someone you know, someone you work with, even yourself – no one is off limits.

The pics in this blog are some of my top celebrity choices. Do you agree with my selects? Weigh in!