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Coleen Rooney, UK’s Diamond Diva

In the world of celebrity jewelry boxes, there are diamond lovers and there are diamond fanatics. I just uncovered the latest entry to the latter category in one Coleen Rooney, wife of one of England’s most beloved footballers, Wayne Rooney, of Manchester United.

The Daily Mail reports that the British celeb has a ‘compulsive and impressive’ diamond habit which began when Wayne presented her with a £25,000 diamond ring from Tiffany for her 18th birthday.

By 21, she had traded up to a £200,000 10-carat yellow diamond ring from Chopard, and her most spectacular piece to date is the bespoke wedding ring, said to be worth close to £350,000, which was made by Jacob & Co in New York. It’s a band encrusted with more than 50 diamonds, topped off with a solitary rock that inspired the ‘chicken nugget’ reference.

Hello, lover.

While the couple is apparently going through a financial scandal involving funds withheld from their management company, they clearly have enough to (get this) send an assistant to New York to pick up – what else? – diamond jewelry worth around £450,000.

Is an Intervention in order? You be the judge.