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Earrings Shine at Elle Tribute

Hollywood’s A-list beauties sparkled at Elle’s 15th annual Women in Hollywood tribute last night in Beverly Hils. And it was all about the earring on the red carpet.


Diamond hoops found their way on a gorgeous Halle Berry and Courtney Cox-Arquette, Amber Tamblyn had diamonds dropping from her ears and Jennifer Lopez and icon, Jane Fonda, showed off their diamond cluster looks. Golden danglers lit up Kate Beckinsale and American Idol, Katherine McPhee, and the always-classic Nicole Kidman wore what appear to be small, tasteful gemstones.


This year’s honorees included Halle Berry, Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Sigourney Weaver, Isla Fisher and director Catherine Hardwicke – all of whom are featured in the magazine’s November issue.

“Someday hopefully it won’t be necessary to allocate a special evening to celebrate where we are and how far we’ve come,” Sigourney Weaver said. “Someday women writers, producers and crew members will be so commonplace, and roles and salaries for actresses will outstrip those for men, and pigs will fly.”


Kidman thanked all the directors who “molded” her, particularly the late Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack.”They were men in Hollywood who loved women,” she said. Fonda thanked all the women in the house – and Hollywood itself. “Aren’t we glad we’re not bankers,” she said. “We are in the most fantastic business.”