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The Jewelry Insider

June 7, 2008

So while cellphones may not be technically jewelry, it seems some of them feature more diamonds and gems than your average jeweler’s window. Forbes.com recently published a gallery of ‘10 Most Lust-Inspiring Cellphones’ and it’s apparent from some of these high-rolling devices that design and diamonds are integral when it comes to flashing your phone.Top on the list of ‘Look – I’ve got loads of Money’ Phone is the 8800 Arte from Austrian designer Peter Aloisson. The luxury Nokia phone is studded with more than 680 pink and white diamonds set in 18K white gold. At $134,000, this is one phone you don’t want to forget in a cab.

Some techno-freaks may be more interested in the soon-to-be launched 2nd generation Apple iPhone than the diamond-encrusted iPhone by Amosu. At $39,000 it’s a snip compared to the 8800 Arte.

And finally, but by no means least, is Christian Dior’s recently released ‘My Dior’ mobile. The more expensive ‘My Dior’ version has a crocodile skin case and some obligatory bling – in this case 640 Swarovski crystals – yours for $26,000.