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Shades of Gold

Let’s be honest, when it comes to both jewelry and clothing, gold will always be in style. Just take a look at the latest fall/winter 2015 runway trends during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) – gold had a presence! When it comes to gold, there are a number of different hues and types.

Yellow Gold – If you’re an easy-breezy, low-maintenance type of gal, then this is the gold for you. Yellow gold is the purest gold and requires the least amount of maintenance. For a brighter yellow color, look for 14K gold vs. 10K gold. For a deeper yellow color, look for 18K gold vs. 14K gold. Click here to shop for yellow gold.


White Gold – If you’re not into yellow gold, but still want something durable and of good quality, white gold is your best bet (and one of our favorites). It’s super stylish and differs from yellow gold only in its color. White gold contains a gold and nickel, palladium, or manganese alloy, that gives it that nice silver-type coloring. Click here to shop for white gold. 


Rose Gold – If you’re a trendy fashionista (we know you are!), then throw on some rose gold. Rose Gold gets its beautiful pinkish color through a silver, gold, and copper alloy. Click here to shop for rose gold.


Green Gold – Dare to be different with green gold. When you think of gold, we bet green gold doesn’t usually come to mind, but it’s out there and it’s pretty! The green gold alloy is a combination of silver, copper, zinc, and yellow gold.

What’s your favorite type of gold jewelry to wear?

To learn more about gold, check out our blog post The Many Colors of Gold.



The Jewelry Insider

January 5, 2010

Gold jewelry will always make my heart sing (despite the skyrocketing price these days), but there are some folks who take their gold obsessions to ridiculous heights.

Sure, we’ve heard of gold iphones, gold cars and gold fashion – but some folks want to trade in their Evian for a fancy bottle of gold-leaf spring water at a price you won’t believe.

Billed by Exousia Luxury as an ‘anti aging and anti-stress elixir’, the company is putting natural spring water in a fancy bottle, throwing in some 24 karat gold petals and calling it the fountain of youth. Think Goldschlager for the health conscious.

So how much does it cost? Well, that’s a big secret. You have to fill out a form on their website to qualify for that information, apparently. (Is this the Soho House or glorified tap water?). HOWEVER, this entry on the Luxury Insider site claims one bottle is $24,000! Seriously!!

I suggest staying young by indulging in a little gold retail therapy instead. These gold hoops from JCPenney are under $50 on Jewelry.com – just one example of many gold gems you can get without taking out a second mortgage to quench your thirst.

The Jewelry Insider

August 13, 2009

Gold jewelrywas all the rage this summer, with stars sporting it to red carpet events and fashionistas adding yellow gold sparkle to their spring collection selects. Now, InStyle is predicting that the sunny hue has serious staying power right into fall.

Claiming that jewelry mavens should focus on pieces that are “glossy, gilded and gorgeous”, InStyle picked a selection of 18kt yellow gold items that illustrated their point, including a gold pendant from Sophia Flore and a striking gold butterfly brooch from celebrity jeweler and Christina Aguilera BFF, Stephen Webster.

But not all of us have gold record royalties to use when snapping up our jewels for the fall season.

Enter: JewelClub.

You Jewelry Insider veterans are well aware of this great Friends and Family site that I’ve been sharing with my readers for the past year. Trust me: you’ll be hard pressed to find prices this low out there in the real world.

Just enter the code: INSIDER when you login to www.jewelclub.com and shop hundreds of fine jewelry styles – from diamonds and gemstones to silver and yes, yellow gold – all at prices well below retail.

Check it out for yourselves. If you’re not a ‘trendy’ shopper, it’s a perfect way to stock up on staples. I, personally, need some diamond studs like pronto – and am snapping up a pair for less than $100. Seriously.

So grab your yellow gold, your diamond studs, whatever jewel is calling your name – and let me know how you make out. Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean the sparkle has to stop, right?

The Jewelry Insider

May 5, 2009

The jewelry, the gowns, the divas, the drama – all were present and accounted for at The Costume Institute’s gala at The Met last night in the Big Apple. And true to its reputation as the fashion world’s Oscars, anyone who is anyone in the fashion and celebrity circles got their grubby little hands on an invite.

Jewelry was – for the most part – an understated affair, with lots of diamond studs, cuffs and statement earrings. And model, Agnyess Deyn, sported a huge diamond necklace to rival the likes of those on the Hollywood red carpets.
But it was the clothes that took center stage last night with yellow gold and blue emerging as the colors of choice, hemlines ranging from ‘too short’ to ‘tutu-esque’ and the pants suit threatening to steal the girly gown’s thunder.

The winners for me were classics like Marion Cotillard in Dior and Chopard diamonds, Renee Zelwegger in olive green Carolina Herrera with a matching statement necklace, and a vampy Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs and Van Cleef. Love that she’s taking a page out of the Drew Barrymore bed-head playbook, right?

And my favorite jewelry look had to be on Jessica Alba, who sported Angelina-inspired emerald earrings to go with her Jason Wu bejeweled number.

And the losers? OK. You know how I loathe the misguided pants suit. And I would have made an exception for Rihanna, had the mini-mouse sleeves not put the look over the top. I just really wish I could embrace the D & G sleeve silhouette they’ve littered their spring and fall lines with – but it just looks silly to me. Am I right?

Leighton Meister and Kate Moss in a Liz Taylor-inspired turban (yes, a turban) went a bit too far off the fashion trail for my taste.

And finally, a word (or a few) about Madonna. A part of me knows she is aware that the blue bunny ears are ridiculous. A part of me knows she wears the thigh-high boots and lingerie-inspired outfits because – well – she can.

But a part of me is longing for a Madonna fashion paradigm shift like she used to give us when she emerged with black hair or a kimono or a pointed bra. This is just feelin’ tired.

What do you guys think of the looks last night? Weigh in!

And don’t forget to Twitter with me and my sugar mamma, Jewelry.com for all the latest jewelry tidbits from the around the globe.

It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta Twitter it!

The Jewelry Insider

March 13, 2009

Julia Roberts is back on the red carpet promoting her film, Duplicity, after a long hiatus. And while it’s great to see the Pretty Woman back in action, the Hollywood A-lister is clearly not taking any big risks in the fashion department.

Roberts wore a (yawn) black pants suit with yellow gold hoops on the carpet in London and a Lanvin LBD with classic diamond drops in gay Paris. She looked stunning, of course, but here’s hoping she takes it up a notch once she makes it back states-side.






While Julia Roberts is arguably the most bankable leading lady working today, it took a bit of coaxing from co-star Clive Owen to get the mother-of-three out of semi-retirement.

“I [took] her out for lunch and told her that I’d read a script that was dynamite and it would be great for the two of us to do it,” he said at the premiere. “She was actually pregnant, so I had to wait another year before she finally read it and said yes.”

And even though the superstar made noise to red carpet reporters about wanting to work in the London theater, she isn’t making any big plans in the near future.

“I’d like to do it when by kids are a little bigger. It’s a big transplant to come over here, though, and it would take up a lot of time. But a girl can dream!”

Maybe she’ll get used to the spotlight again and start taking more risks – in front of the cameras and in the fashion department (a girl can dream). But, for now, I’ll take classic Julia while I can get it.

The Jewelry Insider

September 27, 2008

It’s true what the style hounds say: “It’s always fashion week somewhere in the world.” This week, the runways were working it in Milan where all eyes were on Italy’s most famous houses: Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. As usual, the runway fashions, jewelry looks, (and after parties) didn’t disappoint.

Donatella took things shorter, younger, and sweeter this season with a heart-themed line that sparkled in a series of chunky yellow-gold right hand rings and statement bangles. The 3-D heart shape formed by an open zipper found its way on her flirty short dresses – and even her handbags showed a little love. The days of tacky, gaudy Versace are decidedly (and thankfully) over. Bravo!

And while Donatella made a heartfelt showing, the D & G boys –as always – took things up a notch. The sleepwear-inspired line had oodles of satiny fabrics, mini-mouse sleeve silhouettes and jewelry that ranged from the big and bold to the bigger and bolder. Vintage brooches, statement chains and hairpieces littered the runway, adding just enough wattage to each look without putting them over the top.

Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and hubby, Marc Anthony, Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves, and supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova sat runway-side and were all VIP guests at the closing night party at the uber-exclusive restaurant, Gold. After dinner, guests were whisked away for a surprise performance of none other than Diana Ross in honor of Gabbana’s 50th birthday.

Apparently there really ain’t no mountain high enough for these fashion icons. And in case you’re worried about runway withdrawal, I have three words for you: Next week, Paris.