The 401 on Freshwater Pearls

Pearl lovers and collectors, ever wonder what’s the deal with freshwater pearls? Well, read on to get schooled on these America’s favorite ladylike classic

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These lustrous lil’ stones (like most pearls on the market) are cultured which makes them a man-made creation. Typically, a small piece of tissue will be inserted in the pearl nacre. The pearl will start to grow but usually in an irregular shape. During the ’90s freshwater pearl gained popularity because of the variety of color and their affordability. Generally speaking freshwater pearls are grown in Japan, China and the United States. Fiending for more info? Check out these fun facts about pearls…


1. Freshwater pearl cultivation began around the time when America was discovered by the Europeans.


2. The finest freshwater pearls can be found in the Mississippi River, Scotland and China


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3. Cultured pearls are freshwater pearls created with the assistance of the human hand.


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4. The culturing of freshwater pearls can take from 6 months to 2 years.


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5. Only 25-30% of mollusks used for culturing pearls actually survive the process.


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