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May 17, 2008

Oh please – sometimes people (i.e. tabloids) come out with the most ridiculous ideas. My latest peeve is the headlines slamming Carmen Electra’s new fiance, Rob Patterson. The poor guy apparently committed a greater sin than mere cheating, lying, stealing, drunk-driving, shooting-up etc. (i.e. the regular misdeamnours). What did he do? Well, he apparently bought a diamond ring and didn’t want to pay more than he had to.
Apparently the Korn musician has a brain. Instead of going to a ‘name’ and paying a fortune just for the pleasure of having his finance state it’s a #### ring. He searched around – found a different (black diamond) ring, something he thought his beloved would like. Probably researched the prices and bought something that was value for money.
According to the papers – this was not a wise move. “She seems really embarrassed,” an insider tells Life and Style Magazine. “I think the ring is a real deal breaker. She thought she’d be getting this giant rock. Instead, Rob bought it online for a bargain price!”
A bargain price???? Shame on him….
Actually shame on whoever thinks that finding a bargain is wrong. Since when is love measured by the price of the ring. Apparently too often. Surely a ring should be something the betrothed loves. Something that reflects her personality. Something unique to the couple. And surely internet bargains are great deals. After all, who wants to spend more than necessary.
Apparently – the black diamond ring cost just under $2000.
If only he’d asked, I would have sent him to for JCPenney where they have this gorgeous, Champagne, Black and White diamond ring for under $900.

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