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July 30, 2008

Brace yourselves readers for a real shocker. The Bachelor’s Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas have called off their engagement! Mere month’s ago, the 27-year-old British financier told Reality TV World, “When I proposed, I said the only reason there’s been any question really is because it just seemed too good to be true.” Apparently my dear Matt, it was.

While an official statement reports the split was a mutual decision, the rumor mills put the young bride-to-be as the dump-er. A ‘devastated’ Shayne tells she plans to keep the 2.85-carat Tacori platinum-and-diamond eternity ring,”…in a glass box, like a slipper.” Yeah. Right. Diana’s rock from Dodi might be worthy of a shrine, but my guess is this bauble will find its way on eBay in no time.

Call me clairvoyant, but a few days ago this “keep it or chuck it” engagement ring dilemma was on my mind, and I encouraged jilted women to keep the rock and make it their own. But what happens when it’s us gals who do the jilting? Bachelor Matt wants his ex to donate the bauble to charity. Seems a fair solution to me. Legally, though, I discovered that the ring is the property of the ‘giver’ until a wedding takes place. Gasp! In other words, until you say those “I Do’s” the bling on your finger isn’t really yours in a court of law. Kind of takes the romance out of it, no?

So to those newly betrothed like CSI Miami’s Eva LaRue (who was presented with a – wait for it – 4 carat(!) diamond from her businessman boyfriend), proceed with caution. If you or your guy has a change of heart, better hope the bloke doesn’t want to take it to the judge – or the local pawnshop.

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