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June 10, 2009

‘Oversized’, ‘blinged out’ and ‘just the right side of gaudy’ are words we might use when describing say, Elizabeth Taylor’s or Beyonce’s jewelry style. But it’s the fellas in the football world that have them all beat.

This year’s Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, received their commemorative rings yesterday during a private team ceremony at East Club Lounge at Heinz Field, according to the Pittsburgh Gazette. And the bling fest was nearly blinding.

Former all-pro defensive tackle Joe Greene, one of five club employees who have earned six Super Bowl rings, and former linebacker Larry Foote, attended the event.

“It is a beautiful ring,” said Greene about the 3.7-ounce, 3.61 carat beauty which contains no less than 63 diamonds.

Designed by Jostens, the ring’s face contains six large, brilliant-cut diamonds, one for each franchise Super Bowl victory. There are seven other diamonds that represent the Steelers’ seven conference championships and seven others below to add up to their 14 division titles in a football design.

On one side of each ring are six Lombardi Trophies with the 27-23 score of their victory against Arizona in the Super Bowl. On the other is the ring owner’s name, the Steelers helmet logo, the NFL logo and the player’s number.

While there have been many reports of former Super Bowl players pawning these prized possessions due to the current economic downtown, most players wouldn’t even think of parting with their blingy baby.

“Everybody’s in awe right now,” said backup quarterback Charlie Batch.

“When everybody opened his box, it was like ‘Wow!’ “This is the defining moment…”

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