No Ordinary Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Man Steals $100,000 in Necklaces From Tiffany & Co.

Apparently it’s that easy. Good looks and a little charm resulted in an effortless and very public jewelry heist for one mysterious man last Tuesday.

According to the New York Observer, “One dark, handsome, rich-looking man with passionate natures and too many teeth is wanted for pocketing $100,000 worth of necklaces from Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue store.”

The thief who was dressed in a dark-colored suit and tie, pocketed the dazzling necklaces at approximately 3 p.m. on June 11th, police said. The thief was caught on tape schmoozing with a sales clerk when he asked to see two high-end chains from a display case. As soon as the clerk put the jewelry on the counter, the items were gone. In the brief second that the clerk turned around, the thief grabbed the necklaces and slid out of the store.

A security guard was at the scene of the crime but did not seem to be alarmed during the robbery. Interesting. However, Tiffany’s chose not to comment on the state of their security.


NYPD has not yet arrested the suspect. The sparkling chains and the bandit in the suit remain a mystery. As for us, we’re just wondering if Lindsay Lohan has been named an accomplice yet!

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