Top 5 Must-Have Trends

Ditch your ugly holiday sweaters at the door and stay on trend with the latest top 5 jewelry must haves report. From florally-refurbished cocktail rings to a dizzying display of tassels taking over your neckline, this season’s jewelry trends will help transcend your winter woes. We’ve paired the high-brow looks of Christian Dior’s “Archi Dior Collection” and Piaget’s “Extremely Piaget” with our own (more wallet-friendly) sparklers.



Top 5 Trends

1. Connect the Dots

For a colorfully quirky yet polished accent to your neckline opt for dotted necklaces. These sparklers feature an icy train of generously-cut gemstones that make for a graphic yet glamorous change up to statement jewelry. If sassy baubled bibs and spiky pendants that could double as a Game of Thrones weapon don’t fit into your 365-day style matrix, these make for the ultimate complement. For a sophisticated twist on this must have trend, opt for one of our tennis necklaces that offer just as much whimsical charm as they do stately sophistication. Try pairing with with a striped or polka dot top and denim jeans for that posh-meets-playful edge. Looking to match those glass slippers for your black-tie gala? All 57 ct of Swarovski Zirconia are designed to illuminate your neckline into the wee hours morning and greet the sunlight with a sparkled finish.

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2. Florally Forever

Are those icy cocktail clunkers growing old? Fret no more, because the Rose Dior Pre Catalan  Collection by Christian Dior collection showcases an elegant accoutrement of sculpted rose rings. But before your take out a mortgage and start subletting your garage, treat yourself to our floral rings. For those of us that are prismatically minded our multi-stone ring makes for the ideal accent adding a colorful polish to drab winter wardrobes. But, if you’re all about urban with a rustic redux, than the sculpted mother-of-pearl rose ring gives your everyday look a frill-free yet feminine attitude.


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3.  Pleats, Tassels & Frills

As a tribute to the late Christian Dior’s game changing ‘New Look’ silhouette of 1947, jewelry director Victoire de Castellane mustered up one marvelous jewelry collection expressing the patterns, lines and silhouettes of Mr. Dior’s divine creations.  Many of the rings and pendants in this collection feature cascading pleats of diamonds, tassels of platinum and other opulent detailing. Aside from caving into taking out a sketchy loan, or even before you indulge in a total knock-off or chaotic remake, try our chic-and-seek tasseled earrings or sapphire rings evoking the same lines and luxe of Victoire’s iconic new collection.

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4. Go for the (Rose) Gold

Over the past few years rose gold has become the must-have metal fitting for spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. From the Red Carpet to Piaget’s Extremely Piaget Collection, rose gold has proven to add edge, color and timeless sophistication. Stately yet contemporary, Piaget’s 18K rose gold tasseled station necklace showcases 94 1/5 ct of emeralds and 29 1/2 ct diamonds -a definite to add to your (bank) bucket list. For the thoroughly minimalist Millie’s out there J.Crew offers a simply (and a bit sad-looking) rose gold bar necklace. Looking to remake your cocktail look with a little rose gold? Look no further than our 2 3/8 ct rose gold ring. However if you are more about the fire and less about the ice than treat yourself to our rose gold chandelier earrings.

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5. ‘Deco-ded

Let’s face it, wintry glamor wouldn’t existed without decadent Art Deco-inspired jewelry. Chanel’s latest jewelry collection “Cafe Society”, is inspired by the sparkling cacophony of ’20s Parisian nightlife with pieces starting at $50,000. The ‘Bubbles’ necklace featured below left is adorned with a smattering of diamonds and onyx. For a bite-sized version brimming with timeless sophistication, treat yourself to Van Kempen’s drop earrings.  Subtle with a graceful design, the Art Deco enamel necklace makes for the perfect match.  Both pieces whether you buy them as a set or seperatly, are a great way to add a bit of distinction to casual and dressy looks. The pitch black coloring against a setting of sterling silver make for the perfect complement to more festive outfits infused with color.






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