Vanity Fair Oscar Party Brings The Bling

Not ready to let go of Oscar night just yet? Here are some fun shots of the folks that didn’t make the Oscar red carpet but sizzled at the night’s true big event – The Vanity Fair After Party. And the bling was still serious. This is Vanity Fair not Us Weekly, folks

The carpet featured a veritable Who’s Who of Hollywood icons – Jodie Foster! Jane Fonda AND Peter friggin Fonda!?! Jackie AND Joan Collins!

And the ingenue factor went waaay up from the lackluster Oscar showing – Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Anna Paquin, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts the list goes on…

A surprisingly svelte Jennifer Hudson sparkled in navy with diamond chandelier earrings.

And Hilary Swank officially entered the ‘trying too hard’ club with this get up, no? But that diamond pendant is as stunning as the cleavage drop!

And finally – will you look at the ice on Joan, Joan Joan! I was called out by Kathy Ireland yesterday on Twitter for criticizing her gi-normous diamond bib necklace choice, which she pointed out was from Elizabeth Taylor, herself.

Point taken.

But it’s only icons like Liz and Joan (and filthy rich drag queens) who can really pull off such extravagance in my humble opinion. I mean, LOOK at this diamond ensemble, will you? Not even Charlize could attempt such a display.

Bless you, Alexis. Bless you, Vanity Fair. My cup is no longer half empty – it runneth over..

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  1. Anonymous

    Ahhhh, finally some bling to look at *sigh* I feel much better now 🙂

    (BTW, Kathy Ireland may be wearing Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds, but no one can wear diamonds like Liz herself!!!)

    Where did some of these coloured baubles come from? Jane Fonda’s pieces and the young lady in the blue dress (sorry she looks familiar – Disney!?)

    Love Hilary’s pendant!

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