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January 14, 2009

It must be tough for poor David Beckham to pick out a gift for the wife. What do you get for the walking scowl who has everything? But he scored big this Christmas with a gift that is generating more buzz than his move to AC Milan.

So what did Posh really, really want? A big fan of the Birkin bag, the Spice Girl found a limited edition silver Hermes Birkin Himalyan bag under the tree this year. And it only put her husband back a week’s wages – or about $120,000 all told. Guess he’ll have to hop-to with the ‘bending it’ this month.

The luxury bag is one of only three in the world and is bedazzled with hundreds of diamonds, including a three-carat rock on the lock. If you’re thinking of swiping one for yourself, the wait-list for the popular pouch is officially closed. The Daily Mail reports that Becks had to do some serious wooing in order to convince the powerful buyer to part with the exclusive accessory. Maybe he ‘threw in’ a peak at his abs for good measure? (Sorry. Soccer pun).

Mrs. B showed off her new baby at hubby’s AC Milan debut in Dubai last week. And if you thought the posh pair would be taking their beautiful brood to other shores, think again. The footballer is only on loan to the club from the LA Galaxy for a few months in order to keep his fitness levels up for the Spring World Cup qualifying matches.

Used to be anyone with Becks on their team could consider a win ‘in the bag’. Now, it’s just where his pay check goes.

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