Vintage Jewelry

Everything old is new again! Vintage looks inspire us to reflect upon the past, but make sure to make these looks part of your future!

Lacy, intricate and filigreed, set with diamonds, pearls or colored gems, these jewels add romance to any ensemble. Many of these original designs hark back to the stylizations of the ornamental Victorian period, some have a glint of the organic Art Nouveau or the more Geometric Art Deco influences but all are equally exquisite. Reminiscent of yesteryear’s heirlooms these lovely baubles are destined to become tomorrow’s treasures.

Vintage Jewelry Yesterday and Today

Chandelier earrings, Y-pendants, Right hand rings and brooches are all part and parcels of today’s fashionable jewelry ensemble. Every celebrity who has walked the red carpet knows that designer duds are great but Bling is king! Did you know that during the Victorian Age only married women were permitted to wear diamonds? It was socially unacceptable for a single young woman to appear in public bejeweled in them. Why? Diamonds were considered such a precious stone they were only to be worn in the evening. Diamonds were only given from husbands to wives. Unlike the Victorians, women today are often single until they are 30 or 40 years of age and can accumulate their own wealth. Diamonds also are appropriate for day or evening wear.

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