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July 27, 2008

The saying ‘Diamonds are Forever’ may be more relevant than the admen first thought. According to a survey by German scientists, diamonds maybe the ‘first’ forever. In a study about to be published by the American Chemical Society, the European brianiacs have concluded that diamonds must have jump-started life on this little planet of ours.
According to the report, diamonds are crystallized forms of carbon that predate the oldest known life on the planet. Also, the tests found electrical conductivity that could have been key to forcing chemical reactions needed to generate the first birth.

The three German scientists, Andrei Sommer, Dan Zhu, and Hans-Joerg Fecht discovered that when diamonds are treated with hydrogen, crystalline layers of water form on the surface of the rocks. (And to think you probably do nothing more than wear your diamonds).
“Hydrogenated diamond advances to the best of all possible origin-of-life platforms,” the researchers was quoted as saying in a report by Live Science website.
The study though doesn’t conclusively say how life began on Earth. They’ll save that for another installment.

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