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Choosing the perfect watch for yourself or for a gift can sometimes be a confusing minefield of style versus price versus fancy features… Well, we don’t like minefields. has all the information you need, insider buying tips and expert watch advice that’ll make sure your watch purchase is confident, savvy and value for money.

Today more than ever watches are jewelry. In fact, some even say they don’t wear a watch – rather a piece of jewelry that also tells the time. So, whatever you call it – a jewelry watch or a watch jewelry – Our experts explain how to choose a watch, what watch features to look for, whether a gold, leather or steel watch strap is best for you and if the watch brand is value for money.

Let the team take you through the fascinating world of evening watches, jewelry watches, sport watches and multi-functional watches. Discover how much a watch is worth, which watch brands are value for money and the watches and the styles to fit different occasions.

When it comes to the dial – digital / windup / mechanical or eternal?’s glossary of watch terms tells you what they mean and which you should choose. So stop looking for the mines and let us guide you to the perfect watch for your taste, style and budget.

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