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March 10, 2009 is your source for wedding ring information. From the origins of the wedding ring tradition, to styles, to tips that will expand your mind with some alternative wedding ring ideas.

Wedding RingsThe ancient Egyptians considered gold to be a perfect metal, and gave gold wedding rings in the symbol of an eternal circle symbolizing marriage. Today, gold wedding rings are the traditional choice in wedding ring jewelry. Over the past
15+ years, however, platinum has emerged as a favorite among style-conscious brides who prefer it to gold because of its purity, rarity and sophisticated white-grey sheen. In fact, 40% of brides are now choosing platinum for their wedding rings across the boards.

While diamonds are usually a must for the engagement band, they have been considered optional for the actual wedding ring companion. Though brides not bound by a budget can and do opt for an eternity band, which is a wedding ring that contains diamonds in an unbroken circle around the band’s circumference. These are channel set wedding bands – rings with the line of eternity diamonds set in a groove, or channel, along the wedding ring. This style is increasingly popular as they symbolize of course, the couple’s eternal love for each other.

As an alternative to the traditional, not only can today’s brides choose from a dizzying array of fashionable solid metal wedding rings, but they can also opt for wedding rings with colored stones. More and more, today’s brides are looking into the use of their own or their spouse’s birthstones to solidify the commitment to each other. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even the more affordable range of semi-precious stones such as topaz and aquamarines are finding their way into the wedding ring market. Colored stones have even been chosen by royals as proper wedding rings. Case in point, Prince Charles beautiful royal blue sapphire wedding ring given to Princess Diana.

And let’s not forget the groom in all this wedding ring hunting. Traditionally men have opted for the plain gold wedding ring for the third finger, left hand. However, an increasing number of men are choosing wedding rings with diamonds, as well. One word of caution, however: when buying either a men’s or women’s diamond wedding band, make sure the stones are small enough so they don’t overpower the engagement ring. Also consider the lifestyle of the bride or groom when choosing their wedding ring. Is your spouse an athlete or do they work with heir hands. Consider not only the stone size fashionably but practically. Will the stone get in the way or be in danger of loss or damage. Is gold or silver too soft hence platinum might be the better choice etc?

Finally, in the current climate, one must always consider budget. Plain gold wedding rings can be bought inexpensively for those on a tight money rein. Fashion comes with a price. High-fashion wedding rings with diamonds or other gemstones can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the size and quality of the stones and the workmanship of the piece. Also keep in mind
that men’s wedding rings tend to be more expensive than women’s, as they are typically larger, wider and more dense.

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