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June 1, 2011

Whimsical Jewelry Fashions

What’s your whimsy? Flights of fancy become stylish charms whether your passion is for purses, shoes, or tropical climes there is always an emblem you can wear that will translate your  desire?Hearts signify love. Stars embody celebrity. Horseshoes denote luck. Butterflies are free spirits and dragonflies are magical. Don’t just choose one—select several for whatever your mood!

A Touch of Dreamy Whimsy

The appeal of whimsical charms can be traced back to Neolithic Man. Egyptians, collected potent charms to protect them in the afterlife. During the Roman Era, Christians identified one another by carrying the ichthys or fish. Knights during the middle ages brought back amulets, precious stones and other holy relics back from the crusades as charms. During the Renaissance and Reformation the wealthy classes collected and wore these charms as adornments, so by the 20th century most young girls’ first piece of jewelry was a charm bracelet. Some have themes: Love, luck, lifestyle but all are treasures!

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