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June 1, 2011

Information, shopping tips and expert advice on beautiful white gold earrings. Find out all there is to know about different styles of white gold earrings and find the pair to match your style and that of your loved one.

White Gold EarringsWhite gold has become very popular and trendy in recent years, and when you look at it, it is easy to understand why. Being an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium, it makes the most of each metal’s best properties, to create beautiful eye catching pieces of jewelry.

Traditionally nickel was used in white gold, but since it can cause reactions with some people, it is no longer used today. What jewelers use today, to make your white gold rings and earrings more white, is coat them with Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal very similar to platinum, which shares many of the properties of platinum, including its white color. White gold lovers like to re-plate their jewelry with Rhodium every 12 – 18 months to keep its white hue at its best.

Since white gold has become so popular, you can find white gold earrings in all shapes, sizes and colors (of stones), fit for any budget. White gold earrings are always elegant and classy, and can be worn for any occasion, with any outfit.

So when you browse around our wide collection of white gold earrings, take the time to enjoy your trip into the beautiful. So when you find the pair that was waiting there for you only, you’ll know without hesitation that this is the right one for you – and the only thing you’ll have left to do is look for the right one for your loved one…

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White Gold Jewelry

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