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June 1, 2010

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on dazzling white gold rings. Find out all there is to know about sparkling white gold rings and find the perfect ring style for you or your loved one.

Down through the ages gold has been prized for its rich, yellow color, durability and the wealth that it brings. 24 Karat is pure yellow gold which is considered too soft for the art of jewelry making. In modern jewelry creations, when yellow gold is combined with certain metal alloys, it can be adapted to a range of colors, from white to red to even green. White gold is the product of yellow gold combined with a white metal, usually nickel or palladium. Today’s white gold rings are all the rage on the fashion catwalks including white gold rings for brides and grooms or the combination of white gold rings set with diamonds to create the ultra fashionable Diamond Right Hand Rings.

White gold rings are ideal for jewelry lovers who prefer the look of white metal but don’t want to sacrifice the properties that drew them to gold in the first place. A sleek diamond and white gold ring flashes with a burst of white hot fashion heat, especially with today’s evening wear ensembles of silky gowns and little black dresses.

Like gold jewelry of any color, white gold rings are sold according to their karat weight, or the percentage of pure gold it contains. In addition to changing its color, alloys make the gold stronger. Therefore, white gold rings are sold in 22-, 18-, 14- and 10-karat varieties; the higher the karat quality, the greater proportion of yellow gold the white gold rings will contain.

When nickel is the alloy in white gold rings, a plain simple white gold ring itself is hard and strong, and therefore ideal for resisting damage from active lifestyles or heavy manual work. This makes them ideal for men’s wear and men’s wedding rings. Gold-palladium alloys are soft, pliable and best suited for creating white gold rings with gemstone settings such as the ever-popular Diamond Right Hand Rings or diamond white gold rings for bridal engagements.

Palladium and nickel though do tend to give a slight brown tint to white gold rings. This requires a thin layer of rhodium to maintain the proper color of your white gold rings so today virtually all white gold rings are plated with rhodium.

Ring Around The Finger

When accessorizing for work or play, selecting the correct ring for your fingers is basic to proper adornment. Whether it’s something to compliment an engagement ring or wedding ring ensemble, a piece of fabulousness with one of today’s right hand rings, or a simple ‘gotta have it’ jewel – wrap some style around your fingers.

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