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August 2, 2008

What do teachers really know? I was taught that gold is metal – oh teacher of mine, little did you know. Gold is, according to Fortune Small Business, a food product. And, a very expensive food product at that.

Next time you’re feeling a bit peckish and there’s nothing in to eat – try nibbling on your ring. According to the magazine, the most expensive food out there isn’t cavier, truffles or prime Kobe beef, it’s flakes of gold. Weighing in at $15,000 a pound, it’s more than double the price of white truffles (a mere $6,000) and cavier, well that’s a good recession nibble at $1,500 a pound.

Gold flakes, leaves and sprinkles are apparently big sellers around the holidays, with bakers and bartenders shelling out top bucks for some over-the-top edible extravaganzas. According to the report, one chef even covered an entire Christmas turkey with gold leaf. I”m thinking somewhere The Donald was involved.

When not being used to show-off to the in-laws, edible gold is often used as a digestive and constitutional remedy in India and China.

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