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May 1, 2010

Information and Shopping Tips and Expert Advice on a variety of yellow earrings. Find out all there is to know about different shapes and designs yellow earrings and find the pair to match the right style, for yourself or for that special someone you love

Yellow Earrings

It’s no surprise that yellow earrings are high up there on women’s “must have” list. This is because – knowingly or unknowingly – the color yellow is a very strong and significant color: throughout the ages it has symbolized wisdom and intellect and is known to aid logic, memory, concentration, will power and communication.

When you’re looking for a special gift for yourself or your loved one, remember that yellow earrings are sure to enhance the beauty of whoever wears them, brightening the face, emphasizing neck and cheekbones, with the light catching and reflecting lovingly on the face like a gentle caress.

Yellow earrings – mostly yellow gold citrine and amber – come in all shapes and sizes. Angular faces will prefer round yellow gold hoops, a face with sharp features will be complemented by angular yellow gold earrings, for a round face select a long dangling yellow earring and for a longish face, choose a round, small pair.

We invite you to browse around our wide collection of yellow earrings, to find the right one for whoever will be wearing them. Take your time, enjoy the variety, and don’t settle for less the the perfect match. We’re sure it’s here, just waiting for you to discover it.

Learn about Yellow Earrings November’s Birthstone: The Chic Secrets of Citrine investigates the chic secrets of not-so-mellow yellow citrine. Gemstone Education: Citrine: Versatile, Affordable and Golden Yellow

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Celebrity Earrings and Yellow Earrings Trends

Celebrities Go for the Gold

Yellow gold jewelry makes a splash this season as celebrites go for the gold at awards shows, premieres and parties alike.

Summer Jewelry Trend: Shine In Sunny Shades

The celebs are lighting up the red carpet this season with sunny citrine gems and yellow gold jewelry styles that go perfectly with that summer tan.

Gold Jewelry Takes On The Terminator

Yellow gold jewelry made a big splash on all the stars at the Termination: Salvation movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Hollywood’s Golden Girl Is Back

Julia Roberts wears basic black and yellow gold to the London premiere of her new film, Duplicity.

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