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May 3, 2010

The Hottest New Gemstone-Yellow Emerald

We here at have been noticing a hot new trend popping up all over runways and red carpets- stunning yellow emerald jewelry! Emerald, May’s birthstone, is no passing trend-it’s been prized for thousands of years for its uniquely richness of color and rare beauty. Yellow emeralds are a funky new twist on that classic glamour, containing all of emerald’s timeless beauty and depth of color in a bold new shade. Yellow emeralds are especially prized for the flattering glow they cast on every complexion, and cutting-edge fashionistas everywhere are snapping up these radiant amber jewels as fast as they can. It?s no surprise that yellow emerald jewelry is high on so many fashion-forward women’s “must have” lists. In Sanksrit texts, the color yellow is associated with the sacral chakra, the source of intuition, personality, personal power, and self-esteem- making yellow emeralds a natural choice for trail-blazing women everywhere. Yellow emeralds have a unique intensity of color, deeper than that of a citrine, and generally have fewer flaws than green emeralds, ensuring matchless reflectivity. Their sunny radiance reflects and magnifies the natural glow of all skin tones, making yellow emerald earrings and necklaces a perfect complement to every style. With yellow emerald jewelry swiftly becoming the gem of choice for confident, fashion-forward women everywhere, there’s no reason not to show some self-love and treat yourself to this dazzling trend! Yellow emerald pendants, rings and earrings are at the forefront of sparkling fashion- so why not give yourself some time in the sunny radiance of this golden gem?

Yellow Jewelry Trends

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